the great depression in Australia Abbey Khoury

  • post world war 1

    Australia borrowed a large amount of money london loan market because we had a low economy.
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

  • wall street crash

    the stock exchange crashed in wall street crashed due to promblems after world war 1 about borrowing money, Alot of people lost money
  • government spending cuts

    the government spending was cut as they have to find ways to pay intrest the reason that they have to make these cuts because theyve taken out their loans.
  • Australian economy is struggling

    after wall street crashed and australias trade droped singnifantly australias economy was built exports flopur, wool,wheat and dairy by 1931the price of these had fallen by 50%.
  • unemployment at a highpoint

    1 third of the working population were unemployed
  • sydney harbour bridge opens

    the sydney harbour bridge opened and it seen as a triumph in the deapths of depression
  • economy gradully starting to recover