The Great Depression

Timeline created by David Burns
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  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    This stopped the booming economic growth that had been happening and immediately affected 2% of the population, making them lose all of their money
  • bank closures

    bank closures
    distrust in the banking system causes people to attempt to withdraw all of their money from their local bank all at once. This causes banks to run out of money, and many are forced to close.
  • The Hoover Dam

    The Hoover Dam
    The government gave the go ahead for publicly funded projects like the Hoover Dam in order to create jobs and improve the infrastructure. This was a huge project that would, upon completion, provide electricity for the entire southwest.
  • The Bonus Army March on Washington

    The Bonus Army March on Washington
    A group of protestors unhappy with President Hoover's policies marched on Washington. This group consisted of a lot of WW1 veterans, and Hoover had the military fire upon the crowd
  • FDR Elected

    FDR Elected
    After all the tragedy that happened during Hoover's presidency, people needed a change. They elected FDR, and his New Deal programs brought the country out of the depression.
  • Unemployment

    In 1933, the Unemployment rate in the US reached a peak of 25% among white communities, and almost 50% among minority communities.
  • Prohibition ends

    Prohibition ends
    The 21st amendment is ratified, unbanning alcohol across the country, and opening new revenue streams for businesses
  • The Civilian Conservation Corps is established

    The Civilian Conservation Corps is established
    The CCC gives work to young men, but the jobs are too labor intensive for women or senior citizens
  • The tennessee valley authority is created

    The tennessee valley authority is created
    This organization went around the country building dams to give temporary jobs and improve infrastructure
  • The Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl
    A huge drought hit the Great Plains after unsustainable farming practices had left the ground baked by sunlight. Dust from the topsoil in the area then began to get electrically charged together and carried by strong winds, creating a massive dust storm that swept through the Great Plains, destroying all the crops in the area that produced most of America's food, and travelled all the way to the East Coast where it enveloped the area and turned the air to earth.
  • The Social Security Act is passed

    The Social Security Act is passed
    This program gives financial security to senior citizens who can no longer work
  • WW2 starts

    WW2 starts
    This war gave people jobs in the military, helping to improve the economy