The Great Depression

  • Black Tuesday

    On "Black Tuesday" the stock markets took a huge crash leaving a copius amount of people with very little money.
  • Chaco war begins

    the war was faught between paraguay and bolivia for the disputed territory of grand chaco.
  • Columbia-Peru war begins

  • frank roosevelt is elected president

    roosevelt iniates "new deal" to combat the great depression
  • Columbia-Peru war ends

  • Hitler rises to power

    Nazi party rises to power and form fascist regime dedicated to repudiating the treaty of versailles and prosecuting jewish people.
  • Paraguay wins war over chaco

  • Hitler pulls out of united nations

    Hitler pulls out of united nations and hosts 1936 olimpics to show his new reich to the world and proove how athletic his people are.
  • Period: to

    World War II

  • Iceland declares independence from Denmark

  • Yalta Conference

    wartime conference between the United States, the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom.
  • Hiroshima bombings

    Usa releases an atom bomb on Hiroshima, Japan
  • Nagasaki bombing

    USA realeases Atom bomb on Nagasaki Japan.
  • United Nations Charter establishe

  • Greek civil war begins

  • Establishment of the state of israel

  • Arab-Israeli war

  • establishment of the defence alliance NATO

  • greek civil war ends