The Great Depression

  • Stock Market Crash

    The stockmarket crash of 1929 led the united states into the depression. This crash by the end of the depression had effected almost every other country in the world as well.
  • Bank Panics begin

    People would rush to banks to get there money out of there accounts. At the time of the stockmarket crash banks lost all their money and were forced to close.
  • Unemployment Reaches it peak

    Un employment reached its peak during the derression. The January unemployment rate was 24.9% the highest it woul dreach during the depression.
  • The new deal begins

    During the next 100 days Roosevelt would put his new deal idea into place in the united states to try to pull us out of the great depression.
  • The CCC is founded

    The CCC was put in place to try to help get jobs during the depression to people who were willing to work.
  • FDIC takes over banks

    The FDIC insured that all money depositors now put in the bank would not be invested into the stockmarket, and therefore there would be no chance of losing it.
  • Minimun wage is set

    This set that business men had to pay their employees a certain amout o0f money.
  • World war II begins

    World War II marked the end of the great Depression when Germany invaded poland.