The great depresion in Australia nic a and dom

  • Post world war 1

    After world war 1 Australian commenwealth didnt have enough money to run the country so borrowed lots of money from the London loan market
  • Period: to

    great depression

  • Wall street crash

    Due to problems after world war 1 inbalence between money the stock exchange crashed and lots of people and government lost money.
  • Government spending cuts

    Government spending was cut as they had to find ways to pay back loans and interest.
  • Australian economy is stuggling

    after the wall street crash market crash australian trade was worth in 1929 640 million and in 1931 it was worth 430 million so there was less money cuclating through the country and then australian money was reliyed on on exports like wool weat flour and dairy,and the by 1931 the pricing slumped by 50%
  • Sydney harbour bridge opens

    Sydney harbour bridge opened and it was seen as a triumph to the Great depression as it created lots of jobs
  • Unemployment at a highpoint

    Unemployment at a highpoint ment a third of australia of australia working population.
  • Economy gradually starting to recover