The Gradual Increase of Nazi Persecution of the jews

  • Reichstag fire decree

    This law was put into place by President von Hindenburg. This law took away freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right for people to assemble. This meant that the government now could control what was being published to citizens of Germany. This shows unfair treatment of soviet soldiers
  • Adolf Hitler Appointed Chancellor of Germany

    In November of 1932, the Nazi party won 33 percent of the vote, which was more than any other party, in the German Election. Due to this, President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler, who was the head of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NAZI Party), the new chancellor of Germany. Every citizen in Germany was affected by this event as Hitler now had more power.
  • Enabling act

    The law allowed Hitler to propose and sign legislation into law without consulting the parliament. This also proves that the soviet soldiers were not treated well
  • Hitler Becomes Fuhrer

    There were no limits or restraints on Hitler’s authority. Germany became a complete dictatorship.
    This event affected everyone
  • Evian Conference of Refugees

    Jews from Europe were trying to immigrate to other countries. Leaders from 32 countries met to discuss whether they should admit the refugees. Some said they would allow them in while others said no. Jews and other countries citizens
  • First Prisoners Arrive at Auschwitz

    The SS opened a large concentration camp near the town of Oswiecim to be killed in mass shootings and worked to death.
    The people targeted by the nazis
  • German military issues commissioner order

    German military issues commissioner order
    soldiers did not hear true information.
  • Mass Murder Begins at Chelmno

    To carry out the mass murder of Europe's Jews, the SS established killing centers devoted exclusively or primarily to the destruction of human beings in gas chambers. Chelmno was among these killing centers. At least 172,000 people were killed at chelmno
  • Announcement of Death Penalty for Aiding Jews

    Any non jew that offered to help a jew to hide or feed they would be sent to a death penalty. Everyone who helped jews
  • Alexander Pechersky

    he was deported to a work camp where he was forced to do manual labor. he was also fed very little and was beaten harshly.
  • German Defeat at Stalingrad

    The German military surrendered after 7 months to take the Soviet city of Salingrad. Soviet victory at the battle of Stalingrad marked a turning point in world war 2. The soviet and axis soldiers