The Good Earth

  • Hunger Games 1-18 (25)

    genre Dramtic Fiction Author Suzanne Collins
    Katniss goes hunting even though its against the law. After hunting the reaping is gonna happen.
  • Chaoter ! pages 1-7

    Fiction ;Drama (7)
    Wau long is getting married. He goes to town and shaves his head.
  • Hungar games

    18-26 (33)
    The reaping happened and katnisss sister gets picked but then katniss said she would replace her sister.
  • 26-48 (55)

    katniss Just left district 12 and he her way to the capital.
  • The Hunger Games

    Pages 48-60 (67)
    Katness was fitted for her new outfit for when they ride into the capital.
  • Hunger games

    60-104 (111)
    Katniss has her one on one training to show she gots to the gamekeepers
  • Hunger games

    Peeta tells cesar hes in love with katniss
  • Hunger games

    Rue tells katniss what the sunglasses she got does. She puts them on and she can see everything perfect at night.
  • Hunger Games

    Katniss starts a fire so the other players think shes near by. But she is really looking for Peeta.
  • Hunger Games

    Katniss and Peeta win the hungar games.