Años 80

the golden age of music

  • As we grow the music does too

    As we grow the music does too
    today there are people of advanced age who still remember songs from their time that bring back good memories. Listening to those songs from previous times brings nostalgia and happiness for some, since it reminds them of important dates, especially the music of the 80s. This time its very beautiful for its music, some of the young people of these years continue to listen to this and we love it
  • Established artists in the 80s

    Established artists in the 80s
    the 80s the careers of various artists.
    In many events they choose to rent sound equipment to bring this music to the ears of many. Michael Jackson and Madonna became the kings of pop in the 1980s. Many musical genres that gave life to the hits of artists like Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Bryan Adams, and many others.
    Many agree that the decade of the 80 was fundamental for the evolution of the music that is listened to today.
    Whatever happens next, the 80s will always be the golden age of music.
  • Musical genres

    Musical genres
    The 80s were a time that revolutionized the music industry and created new trends in general, as new styles emerged that forever marked music. It was also a time of consecration for different artists, who to this day are considered almost gods, thanks to all the successes they achieved and that today are widely listened to by young people. In the 80's various musical genres became recognized, while others began to become more assertive. We can mention some of the following musical genres:
  • Heavy metal

    Heavy metal
    This genre of rock is one of the most important, since it was the inspiration for many others related to rock that are still heard today. Heavy began in the 70s, however it was not until the 80s when it was remodeled. It was a time of consecration for bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Similarly, the 80s was the beginning of thrash metal, an even more powerful and fast genre, leaving bands like Metallica and Megadeth as the most popular.
  • Hip hop

    Hip hop
    In reference to this genre, we can say that the first data is recorded during the time of the 80s, through a combination of rap phrases in conjunction with African-American rhythms from the United States and Central American countries.
  • Electronic music

    Electronic music
    There are many people who say that the 80s was the beginning of electronic music. This musical style was inspired by the Disco Music that was heard in the mid-70s. The term "disco" became fashionable in the 80s, causing genres such as euro rhythm, dance music and post-disco to increase in popularity. . New wave was also another genre that became popular and in turn very profitable during the time.
  • Post punk

    Post punk
    At the beginning of the 80s, the first steps of this gothic urban subculture began to be taken in the underground of England. It was when what is known today as post-punk began. The Cure was one of the pioneering bands within this genre.
  • Hard rock

    Hard rock
    It is one of the most popular styles of music out there even today. It is a style that has a bit of a romantic ballad along with a touch of rebellion from those young people who were born at that time who loved this type of music. The songs of the 80s made bands like Bon Jovi and Guns N 'Roses become music icons.