The George w bush presidency

  • 9/11

    2 hijacked planes crash into the twin towers. 1 plane hits the Pentagon, 1 plane civilians fight back and crash into random land
  • invasion of iraq

    invasion of iraq
    American soldiers invaded Iraq to first end the regime of Saddam Hussein's.
  • Iraqi conflict

    Iraqi conflict
    the armed conflict that began with the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States-led coalition that toppled the government of Saddam Hussein
  • Guantanamo Bay controversy

    American soldiers captured alleged members of the Taliban and others fighting against American the prisoners are taken to a us base where they were held for 2 years with no formal charges brought against them
  • Kyoto protocol

    an international treaty that extended the 1992 united nations framework convention on climate change that commits state partiesin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions America refused to join the protocol in the beliefs that the treaty didn't place emission limits on developing countries that could harm the us
  • Hurricane Katrine

    Hurricane Katrine
    was a large and destructive category Atlantic hurricane that caused over 125 billion of damage in late August 2005