The french revolution

The French Revolution by Tristan Mabe, Logan Roper, Courtney Woodie, Michelle Crane, and Katherine Minton.

  • Enlightenment Starts Sometime During The 18th Century

  • Period: to

    18th Century

  • French Revolution Begins

    French Revolution Begins
    It all started with the Storming of the Bastille.
  • Storming Of The Bastille

    Storming Of The Bastille
    This is what sparked the French Revolution.
  • Period: to

    The French Revolution

  • Women's March on Versailles

    Women's March on Versailles
  • Jacobins Club Founded

    Jacobins Club Founded
  • Invention of the Guillotine

    Invention of the Guillotine
  • Jean-Paul Marat's Assassination

    Jean-Paul Marat's Assassination
  • Reign Of Terror Begins

    Reign Of Terror Begins
  • Period: to

    Reign Of Terror

  • Marie Antoinette Guillotined

    Marie Antoinette Guillotined
  • Georges Danton's Death

    Georges Danton's Death
  • Fall Of Robespierre/End Of Jacobins Club

  • Reign Of Terror Ends

  • French Revolution Ends

    It ended when Napoleon's Coup on 10 November 1799.
  • Last Person Executed By Guillotine In France

    Last Person Executed By Guillotine In France
    Link To Hamida's Wikipedia PageThe Last Person killed by guillotine in France was in September, on the 10th, in 1977. His/her name was Hamida Djandoubi.