The French and Indian War

  • The take over

    The take over
    In 1752 the Marquis Duquesne was made governor general of New France, he had specific instructions to take over the Ohio Valley and emove all British presence.
  • Forts

    Marquis sent troops to Pennsylvania where forts were built at Presque Island and on Riviere aux Boeuts.
  • The British Takeover

    The British Takeover
    Major General Edward Braddock was sent to America as commander-in-chief of the British in America. He qickly had plans et to capture Fort Duquesne. Meeting at the fort the British were defeated heavily and Braddock died four days later. The French kept their grip on Ohio Valley, though in the north the British won on Lake George. Then they made two more forts south of that at Crown Point and Lake Champion.
  • The War

    The War
    This is the date that the Cold War began, the French had the upper hand first, capturing three forts.
  • New France

    New France
    Loudoun was an administrator, he planned a major operation,to attack New Frances' capital Quebec
  • British

    The British ot the upperhand and captired the city of Louisbourg,and Nova Scotia, establishing control of the Bay of St. Lawrence
  • Control

    The British continued positively, Major General Jeffrey Amherst took control and soon captured Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point that summer also capturing Fort Niagara
  • North America

    North America
    The british took control of Montreal and Petroit. The British gained all of North America from the french
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris happened, all land North America past the Mississippi, other then New Orleans went to the British.
  • War End

    War End
    The Pontiac Rebellion lasted until this date, thean peace finally reigned in North America.