The French and Indian War

By m1k3y
  • Fort Necessity

    George Washington and his men build Fort Necessity which is later taken over by the French. But, the French allow Washington and his troops to leave and go back to British controlled lands.
  • Period: to

    The Seven Year War

  • Braddock defeated

    Braddock was defeated when making his way to the French Fort Duquesne. His force was ambushed when he was going through the forest and his force was destroyed. He was mortally wounded in the battle and died several days later. His forces never made it to the Fort.
  • Johnson victory at Lake George

    Sir William Johnson and a large number of Indians and country men attacked the fort at Lake George and overtook it.
  • Montcalm takes Fort Oswego

    General Montcalm, with a force of French Regulars and Canadian and Indian forces, took two forts at Lake Oswego.
  • The Fall of Québec.

    The British forces sailed into the the port of Quebec and fought the French force by sneaking up on them. The French General Montcalm died along with the British General Wolfe.
  • Rogers Rangers defeat the Abenaki Indians

    Rogers Rangers were a group of British fighters that put to use gorilla fightng tactics in the war.
  • The fall of Montreal

    Montreal was one of the last major campiagn for the French. The city was taken by General Amherst and General James Murray.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris gave the British more land and also ended the French and Indian war. Although the British gained territories in the Treaty, they gave back most of the territory they had occupied in the war.
  • The Battle of Bloody Run

    The Battle of Bloody Run was when the British tried to attack a group of Indians who were attacking a British fort. The attack was discovered and failed. This caused the British to suffer heavy casualties.
  • The Battle of Bushy Run

    The Battle of Bushy Run was when the Indians tried and failed to take Fort Pitt. The battle was costly to the British but they saved Fort Pitt.