The First Tablet Computer: iPad 1

  • Cause: Apple's Innovative Product

    Time: Top Inventions, iPad Apple wanted to provide their customers with a high quality yet mobile personal entertainment experience, this caused them to build the iPad 1.Steve Jobs also wanted to invent a computer that doesn't require any input devices like the mouse and the keyboard.
  • Cause: Apple's Innovative Product (Continued)

    Time: Top Invention, iPad The Apple team along with Steve Jobs started to work on the iPad, while Apple was on the verge of a breakthrough. Computer companies such as Microsoft weren't very pleased because the birth of the iPad caused their profit to decrease.
  • Through Their Eyes: Reactions to iPad 1

    Customer Reaction to iPad 1 This link gets you to what iPad purchasers’ thinks of the iPad and it's functions.
  • Cause: Customer Demands

    Apple Customer Demands Apple launched the iPad tablet computer to capitalize on the growing consumer demand for a touch-enabled, hand held device that is easier to operate than a computer. Consuming media attention is also another cause of the iPad.
  • Turning Point: The First Tablet Computer

    <a href=''
    Official iPad 1 Introduction</a>On April 3rd 2010,
    The link here takes you to the official presentation of the iPad 1 presented by Steve Jobs and the Apple team. The company Apple released the first tablet computer named iPad. The iPad 1 was marked as the turning point of tablet
    computers and recieved the attention of many people worldwide.
  • Short Term Effects of iPad 1

    Guardian UK on iPad
    This link takes you to what the experts think about the iPad 1. The iPad 1's strong hardware specification had attracted a lot of gaming company's interest and people can now play interactive and fresh games on the iPad. This effects people's form of entertainment because with the iPad they could interact and play at a bigger platform then the iPhone but still portable.
  • Long Term Effect of iPad 1 (continued)

    The iPad's affect to the Economy App developers will have to come up with new gadgets and all these will affect the economy in the long term. The iPad has the potential to turn the economy around through this ripple effect and more jobs will be created and available.
  • Long Term Effect of iPad 1

    The iPad's affect to the Economy Apple has sold over 3,000,000 iPads in the first 80 days of launch and was estimated to sell a million more in the year. This leads to more jobs being created because more people are required for manufacturing the iPad. Extra technical support will be needed as well as the expansion of the sells department for selling the product.
  • Change: Market for Tablets

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
    This link provides information of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. After the iPad 1 became a big success, other companies are making their own tablets and trying to replicate the success the iPad 1 has brought. The iPad 1 has changed the whole outcome of the tablet market. Companies like Samsung had made their own tablets, making the tablet market even more competetive.
  • Continuity: An Enhanced iPad

    iPad Mini Release Date After the success of the iPads, Apple have recently released a new kind of iPad, the iPad mini. The iPad mini continued what the iPad is made to do except with better accessories and a fresher look. The iPad mini is an upgrade to other iPads with a fast A5 chip, Face Time HD, and 5 megapixel cameras.