The first animation

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    Fantasmograph is also where Emile got the idea of shooting his images into negative. While Fantasmograph was still images, Fantasmagorie was of course, an animation
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    Fantasmagorie was made by a french man named Emile Chole. He started the animaton in Febuary, 1908.
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    The animation was made traditionally by drawing every frame on paper and shooting it onto negative. The short film consisted of 700 drawings
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    It took Emile about 4 months to create the animation. After its creation, Emile published it for the world to see.
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    The film consist of a stick man moving around and encountering many different kinds of objects. The objects he encountered would move and change into many different things.
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    There are also points in the animation wherethe animator's hand enters the scene as well. The character would also interact with that as well.
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    The other characters the main character encountered were a flower who turned into an elephant, and a woman who wears a large hat with peacock feathers.
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    These characters he enountered would morph into different things such as a flower or line. Even objects that wouldn't normally move moved around.
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    The entire film is silent and was a minute and 20 seconds long.
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    Because the flm is over 110 years old, it is available in the public domain. This means it can be viewe and distributed by anyone at any time.
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    The fil's title is a reference to the "Fantasmograph", a mid-19th century varient of the magic lantern that projected ghostly images onto surrounding walls.
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    The film is available to watch on Youtube, and many other places on the internet. The link to watch is here: