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The Evolution of the iPod

  • First Generation iPod

    First Generation iPod
    Apple presents the first ever iPod. It offered "1,000 songs in your pocket".
    This first iPod was four by two inches.
  • Second Generation iPod

    Second Generation iPod
    With the same size, shape and configuration as the original iPod, the second generation could hold up to 4,000 songs. “The iPod second generation used the same body style as the first generation, the hold switch was redesigned, a cover was added to the FireWire port, and the mechanical wheel was replaced with a touch-sensitive wheel. The front plate also had rounded corners and edges.”
  • Totals!

    600,000 iPods were sold through 2002.
  • iTunes Music Store

    iTunes Music Store
    Apple opens the iTunes Music Store with 200,000 songs costing 99¢ each.
  • Third Generation iPod

    Third Generation iPod
    The third generation iPod was thinner and lighter. It could also hold 7,500 songs. “The iPod third generation was thinner than the previous models, the models replaced the FireWire port with a new Dock Connector and introduced the Touch Wheel, a completely non-mechanical interface with the four auxiliary buttons located in a row between the screen and the touch wheel."
  • iTunes Success

    iTunes Success
    In its first week of being open, the iTunes Music Store sold one miliong songs.
  • Totals!

    Two million iPods were sold through 2003.
  • First Generation iPod Mini

    First Generation iPod Mini
    The smallest version of the iPod is introduced. They were available in five colors. "First generation iPod minis were available in five colors: silver, gold, pink, blue, and green. The gold model was dropped from the second generation range, likely due to its unpopularity. The pink, blue, and green models had brighter hues in the second generation; the silver model remained unchanged."
  • Fourth Generation iPod

    Fourth Generation iPod
    The fourth generation iPod was a combination of the previous generation iPod and the newer iPod mini. “The fourth-generation iPod classic replaced the touch wheel from the third generation with the Click Wheel from the iPod mini, putting the four auxiliary buttons underneath a touch-sensitive scroll wheel. The casing was also slightly slimmer.”
  • Totals!

    10 million iPods were sold through 2004.
  • First Generation iPod Shuffle

    First Generation iPod Shuffle
    The iPod Shuffle is the first iPod to not have a screen, only a scroll wheel. "The first generation iPod shuffle was designed to be easily loaded with a selection of songs and to play them in random order. According to Apple, owners of existing iPods had often left the music selection to "shuffle", and the new iPod shuffle was a way of implementing that in a much more cost-effective fashion."
  • Second Generation iPod Mini

    Second Generation iPod Mini
    The second generation iPod mini was slightly larger and came with a few more upgrades; such as longer battery life, headphone jack and remote connector for accessories.
    charge cycles.
  • First Generation iPod Nano

    First Generation iPod Nano
    The iPod nana soon replaced the iPod mini to become the best selling music player ever. It only took nin months to be created.
  • Fifth Generation iPod

    Fifth Generation iPod
    Most commonly known as the iPod video, this iPod had a much larger screen and a smaller scroll wheel. It was the first iPod to hold not only music but movies and videos.
  • Totals!

    42 million iPods were sold through 2005
  • iTunes Landmark

    iTunes Landmark
    iTunes sells its one billionth song
  • iTunes Landmark

    iTunes Landmark
    iTunes starts selling full length movies
  • Second Generation iPod Shuffle

    Second Generation iPod Shuffle
    The newest iPod shuffle has no screen and if half the size of the first generation. It also has a built in clip. It closly resembles the iPod Radio remote that was available for iPod nanos, but it was a fully functional iPod.
  • Second Generation iPod Nano

    Second Generation iPod Nano
    The second generation iPod nano was the same as the first generation but new features were added; scratch resistant screen and more color choices.
  • Totals!

    88 million iPods were sold through the year 2006.
  • The First iPhone

    The First iPhone
    Apple introduces the first iPhone. This new product was everything that an iPod was plus the added feature of a mobile phone.
  • iTunes Landmark

    iTunes Landmark
    iTunes topw two billion songs, 50 million TV episodes, and 1.3 million feature length films.
  • Totals!

    100 millionth iPod is sold
  • First iPod Touch Generation

    First iPod Touch Generation
    The first iPod touch was the first, full screen iPod. This new gadget had only one home button while all other controls were executed by touching them right on the screen.
    "“The iPod touch has the iPhone's multi-touch interface, with a physical home button off the touch screen. The home screen has a list of buttons for the available applications which include Music, Videos, Photos, iTunes, Safari, YouTube, Mail, Maps and Widgets."
  • Third Generation iPod Nano

    Third Generation iPod Nano
    The new iPod nano is much shorter and has a much larger screen, heavier design and new colors. "New features include browsing via Cover Flow, a new user interface, video playback, and support for new iPod Games. Users must repurchase games bought before a month prior to the debut of the new iPod as they are not supported.”
  • Sixth Generation iPod

    Sixth Generation iPod
    The sixth genertaion iPod has become the "classic" model. It's much like the earlier models but has a thinner body and improved battery life. “The iPod sixth generation or 'classic' is the latest in the iPod range. It features a slightly thinner body and improved battery life. The front plate of the iPod is now made of anodized aluminum instead of polycarbonate plastic, and "Signature iPod White" has been replaced by silver"
  • Totals!

    141 million iPods were sold through 2007.
  • Fourth Generation iPod Nano

    Fourth Generation iPod Nano
    The thinnest iPod ever had rounder edges and came in nine colors. "The new Nano integrates 'genius' playlist creation and includes an accelerometer allowing you to turn the screen from vertical to horizontal. Shaking the new Nano"
  • Second Generation iPod Touch

    Second Generation iPod Touch
    The newest iPod touch had only a few new features' "The new iPod Touch features a thinner design. New additions include a volume button and inbuilt speaker. Newer firmware includes the App store and Genius functions."
  • Totals!

    197 million iPods were sold through 2008.
  • Third Generation iPod Shuffle

    Third Generation iPod Shuffle
    The third generation iPod shuffle had no buttons besdies the power button. All the control had to be done through a remote control. 'One of the new features of the Shuffle is voice over, this makes it easier to to navigate your shuffle as songs, artists and play lists are read out through your headphones. Voice over is available in 14 different languages."
  • Fifth Generation iPod Nano

    Fifth Generation iPod Nano
    The nes iPod nano had a larger screen and came in nine colors. "The new iPod Nano Fifth generation features a slightly larger screen, a built in camera for taking photos and recording video, an integrated FM Radio, a built in pedometer (for Nike+iPod) and comes in 9 colors."
  • Fourth Generation iPod Shuffle

    Fourth Generation iPod Shuffle
    The newer iPod Shuffle was updated with voice control, a clip and new colors.
  • Third Generation iPod Touch

    Third Generation iPod Touch
    The third generation iPod touch was marketed as a gaming platform. "The iPod Touch third generation features a faster processor, optional higher capacity and support for Open GL. The iPod Touch is marketed as a gaming platform to rival the PSP and Nintendo DS."
  • Totals!

    250 million iPods were sold through 2009
  • iTunes Landmark

    iTunes Landmark
    iTunes store tops 10 billion songs sold
  • Totals!

    As of September 1, 2010, 275 million iPods have been sold.
  • Fourth Generation iPod Touch

    Fourth Generation iPod Touch
    The new iPod touch came with new features such as Retina Display, FaceTime video calling and more.
  • Fourth Generation iPod Shuffle

    Fourth Generation iPod Shuffle
    Apple introduced the worlds smallest iPod. It only came equiped with a scroll wheel.
  • Sixth Generation iPod Nano

    Sixth Generation iPod Nano
    Thee smallest nano is much like an iPod touch but much smaller. The size of the fourth generation iPod shuffle with only a touch screen.