The Evolution of the Cigarette

  • Beginnings of Tobacco and the Cigarette

    One of the earliest forms of ingesting tobacco began in the early 1800s when people began chewing tobacco.
  • Hand Rolled Cigarettes

    Phillip Morris was established in 1847 in the U.K This company was the first to start selling hand-rolled Turkish cigarettes.
  • Cigarette Making Machine

    Cigarette Making Machine
    James Bonsack invented the cigarette making machine which takes an empty rolled cigarette and injects it with tobacco.
  • 4 Billion Cigarettes Sold

    James Bonsack opens American Tobacco and sells 4 billion cigarettes this year.
  • Nicotine Patch

    Nicotine Patch
    The nicotine patch was introduced by Frank Estcorn in 1992. This patch attaches to your skin and releases a small, constant amount of nicotine into your bloodstream. Overtime the amount of nicotine released decreases and helps your bodies dependence on the drug decrease.
  • E-cigarette

    The e-cigarette was invented by Hon Link in 2003. E-cigarettes use a battery to heat up a liquid that the produces an aerosol that the user then enhales into their lungs.
  • Vaping Introduced

    Vaping was introduced to Europe and America in 2006.
  • The Juul

    The Juul
    The Juul was made by James Monsees and Adam Bowen. Juul devices heat up a cartridge containing oils to create vapor, which dissolves into the air.
  • Modern Day Vaping

    In 2021 about 1 in 20 Americans use vaping devices. Teen use of the e-cigarette grew 1,800% from 2011 to 2019, and 2 out of three of teen Juul users don't know the product contains nicotine.