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The Evolution of Banking

  • Mint Act of April 1792

    Mint Act of April 1792
    This Act authorized gold, silver and copper coins as a form of currency.
  • Natinoal Banknig Act

    Natinoal Banknig Act
    The national banking act of 1864 created a national currency amongst all of the banks and created a national reserve that allowed banks to borrow from other banks
  • The Federal Reserve Act

    The Federal Reserve Act
    This Act created a national and more centralized banking system. This Act also made an emphasis to protect and moniter the banking system.
  • The Bank Crisis of 1929 - 1939

    The Bank Crisis of 1929 - 1939
    In a booming stock market more people decided that they wanted to invest money they didn't have into stocks to make a profit. When the market failed people lost money and went into massive amounts of debt. The banks started to panic because everyone was asking for loans and the bank was running out of money.
  • Emergency Bankiong Act

    Emergency Bankiong Act
    The emergency banking act was passed the day after President Roosevelt closed all the banks in the United States declaring a ( bank hoiliday). The act established the FDIC which guarantees deposits of $250,000 per depositor.
  • Todays Banking system

    Todays Banking system
    Modern day banking is now influenced by inflation. One example of inflation is gas prices. Gas prices rise and fall due to certain factors of inflation. The FDIC is now raised to about $250,000