The event in the Gulf

  • Iraq was entrusted to the British as a League of Nations Mandate

  • Period: to

    Britain had military power in Iraq

    End date unsure
  • Britain placed King Faisal I as the client ruler of Iraq

  • Britain granted Independence to Iraq, but still maintained military bases there.

  • King Faisal died

  • Period: to

    King Ghazi in power

  • Period: to

    King Faisal II in power

  • Military Coup D’Etat and the king was deposed

  • The Revolution was defeated

  • King Faisal II was restored to Power

  • King Faisal II was overthrown by a Military coup d’etat led by Abdul Salam Arif

  • King Faisal II and the royal family were killed

  • Iraq was declared a Republic and General Qasim was made the President

  • The Ba’ath Party decided to assassinate President Qasim

  • Saddam Hussein fled to Syria and then Egypt where he lived

  • Saddam Hussein escapes prison and he is made head of the Revolutionary Command Council (military wing of the Ba’ath party)

  • Saddam Hussein becomes head of the armed forces

  • Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr steps down as president of Iraq on health grounds