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The End of The Apartheid: Nelson Mandela's Release

  • A State of Distress

    A State of Distress
    A State of EmergencyAs the title reflects, this event marks the day that the entire country of South Africa was plunged into a state of utmost emergency. Civil unreast as well as mass destruction were suffused into the atmosphere. The previously compliant colored minority in South Africa began to protest with their hearts whipped into a cyclopian rage. This was just the beggining. The effect that this outrage had was that the government retaliated with force. The government smashed these uprisings with force.
  • Unrelenting Force

    Unrelenting Force
    Almost a year before Nelson Mandela was released the Apartheid suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of protesting people who kept coming at the police force. As Nelson Mandela spent his 26th year in prison. The Apartheid system prevaded all qualities of life; however, it was slowly being pushed back. The ghastly cloud of malevolence slowly slipping away into memory, opened the path towards Nelson Mandela being released. Black People had effectively won a huge victory in the name of Mandela.
  • Reconsideration of the ANC

    Reconsideration of the ANC
    After Nelson Mandela's release, the South African Governent was plunged into turmoil. The most influential figure heads of the Apartheid had been released onto the world. Nelson Mandela took his chance to stop the Apartheid. At this point, the government realsied that they could not keep up the Apartheid. It was a failed movement. So,they reconsidered the ban on the ANC. The ANC stands for the African National Congress. However, the government was not ready to relent just yet. Mandela fixed that
  • At Long Last...Freedom

    At Long Last...Freedom
    All the Information on Nelson Mandela After 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela was received by a roaring crowd as he stepped out of Victor Verster Prison. He greeted the crowd and launched into an extremely passionate specch about what he called his "long, lonley, waster years." This turning point marked the end of the Apartheid
  • Peace is Sweet

    Peace is Sweet
    In 1993 Nelson Mandela recieved the Nobel Peace prize along with over 250 other prestigious awards. He was held in the highest respect. This nobel proze effected him as well as many others in many ways. People now got to know him as a revolutionary leader. Nelson Mandela was also able to quell any uprisings with his name but also with his voice. He never used violence, and this is one of his most unique points.
  • Mandela's Inauguration

    Mandela's Inauguration
    Nelson Mandela's inauguration was one of the most important events of the modern world becuase with it, Nelson Mandela was able to usher in a new ear of peace and prosperity for South Africa in the long term. As president he was able to govern the country justly. Nelson Mandela effected many people in many ways with his newfound power. He gave South Africa equality that was needed after too much chaos and descrimination.