The Duel for North America

  • Sep 13, 1572

    St. Batholomew's Day

    St. Batholomew's Day
    over ten thousand Huguenots - men, women and children were killed in cold blood by Roman Catholics.
  • Edit of Nantes

    Edit of Nantes
    granted limited toleration to French Protestens therefore releigious wars ceased and in the new century France grew into the most mighty nation on the Euopean continent.
  • Jamestown

    the founding of the first city in America; Jamestown; in virgina.
  • colonizing of Que'bec

    colonizing of Que'bec
    Champlain colonizes Que'bec for France. The French start inhabiting the North American continent.
  • Louis XLV

    Louis XLV
    Louis XLV becomes king of France.
  • Schenectady

    Schenectady was burned to the gound in a raid.
  • French Fur Trading

    French Fur Trading
    the french recruited indianas into trading fur. By this time there were atleast four hundred fur canoes in business.
  • Robert de la Salle

    Robert de la Salle
    La salle sailed down the Mississippi river to find were it meets with the Gulf.
  • Peace at Utrecht

    Peace at Utrecht
    the peace treaty revealed how France and Spain were deferated in Queen Anne's war.
  • New Orleans

    New Orleans
    New orleans is founded.
  • War of Jenkin's Ear

    War of Jenkin's Ear
    War broke out between the British and the Spainards.
  • New France

    New France
    only 60 thousand white people inhabited New France.
  • George Washington becomes known

    George Washington becomes known
    Washington was sent to the Ohio Country as a Lieutenant colonel in command over 150 militiamen.
  • French and Indiana war

    French and Indiana war
    Began in America in the Ohio Valley with Washington leading the way.
  • British Invasion

    British Invasion
    they launched a full-scale attack on Canada and brought the english settlers into the war.
  • William Pitt

    William Pitt
    Pitt becomes a leader in the London gov. Started lauching attaks on the French West Indies.
  • Battle of Que'bec

    Battle of Que'bec
    A great turning point in British history. French power was pushed off the North American continent (Cananda) and back in Europe. Has a minority of French in canada today; Que'bec.
  • Ottawa chief Pontiac

    Ottawa chief Pontiac
    Pontiac laid siege on Detroit in the spring and later overan all but 3 British posts west of the Appalachians.
  • London gov

    London gov
    the London gov. issued its Proclamation which porhibited the settlement in the area beyond the Appalachians.