The Diary of Samuel Sewall

  • At the meeting-house

    On this date Samuel went to the town of Salem, and went to the meeting-house. While he was there he seen how the accused persons of witchcraft were examined.
  • A petition is sent

    On this day a petition is sent to town in behalf of Dorcas Hoar, who has now confessed. She was the first person to confess.
  • A bill is sent in

    A bill is sent in about calling a fast, and convocation of ministries. This bill may have led in the right way as to the witchcrafts.
  • Pray to God

    Samuel prayed that God would pardon all of his sinful wonderings and direct him for the future. He believed that God would choose the outcome of all the debates that discussed witchcraft.
  • Copy of the bill

    Samuel put up the copy of the bill on the fast day. He reads the bill aloud and finishes by bowing his head.