Cuban revolution

The Cuban Revolution

  • Tyrant

    Former President Fulgencio Batista gains power with the help of his army. He was a very brutal dictator who reigned for 7 years.
  • Castro's Revolution

    Castro's Revolution
    Fidel Castro, with 160 revolutionaries, led an unsuccessful attack on Batista at the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba.
  • Another Failed Attempt

    Another Failed Attempt
    After getting followers in and around Cuba, Fidel & University students attempted to attack the Presidential Palace in Havana but their effort was futile.
  • Raul Castro's Front

    Raul Castro opened a front in the Sierra de Cristal.
  • Suspension

    The US suspended the supply of arms to Batisa's forces.
  • Victory

    Batista attempted to destroy Castro's armed forces. The rebels emerged victorious and captured a large amount of arms.
  • Movement

    The 26th of July movement organized a general strike on April 9,1958.
  • Attack on Santa Clara

    Attack on Santa Clara
    Guevara led a troop of insurgents and attacked Santa Clara. They siezed the attack on December 28, 1958.
  • Battle at Yaguajay

    Battle at Yaguajay
    Camilo Cienfuegos led a group of revolutionaries who clinched a victory in Yaguajay.
  • Flee! New President in Office

    Flee! New President in Office
    On New Years Day, after resigning, Batista fled Cuba. On Janurary 5, Manuel Urrutia became the 20th President of Cuba.
  • Premier of Cuba

    Premier of Cuba
    Mid February, Fidel Castro became the Premier of Cuba. He was one of the key players in leading the Cuban revolution to success.