The Cuban Missile Crisis

By BXG4653
  • Deployment of the Missiles

    Deployment of the Missiles
    In early July “workers” came into Cuba for construction really they were missile operators and builders under the soviet flag disguised as agricultural workers, machine operators, and irrigation specialists. The soviets now allied with Cuba carry the Missiles over to Cuba so that the soviets have close range missiles to the U.S. that could resort to nuclear warfare.
  • Operation Mongoose

    Operation Mongoose
    Operation Mongoose was a program of CIA covert operations developed during the early years of the administration of President of the United States John F. Kennedy. On November 30, 1961 aggressive covert operations against the communist government of Fidel Castro in Cuba were authorized by President Kennedy. Operation Mongoose was a secret program of propaganda, and sabotage against Cuba to remove the communists from power.
  • The OPLAN's

    The OPLAN's
    After much deliberation the council created two operation plans for the supposed invasion of Cuba the first was OPLAN 316 which was the plan for the actual invasion followed by a naval and air force strike on the missile sites named OPLAN 312 though these plans were actually never used against Cuba.
  • Cuban President sends a warning

    Cuban President sends a warning
    The Cuban president Osvaldo Dorticós sends Warning to the United Nations Assembly that if Cuba is to be attacked again it will most defiantly can and will use their nuclear missiles to defend themselves to any and all invaders of the country and if that were to happen it would an act of war on both Cuba and Russia starting world war III.
  • Quick Kick Plan

    Quick Kick Plan
    Cuban Unified Commanders ask for a response on what they should do about invasion of Cuba and the removal of Castro. This requires the transfer of one-third of Marine Division Air-Wing teams from the Pacific to the Atlantic, preparing forces and heavy equipment without training ready for critical missions and sending air squadrons to southern Florida. By doing this they practiced an excercise entitled "Quick Kick".
  • Spy Plane Locates Missile Construction Sites

    Spy Plane Locates Missile Construction Sites
    Finding MissilesBefore the U.S. started reconnaissance missions in Cuba the soviets already discovered two American U2 spy planes over the eastern hemisphere one had flown off course and Russia protested against it and America did apologize then the other was shot down over china by soviet SAM’s. After that the CIA gave over U2 missions to the air force which used them in reconnaissance missions over soviet Cuba. On October 14 a U-2 plane flown by Major Richard Heyser flew over Cuba and he captured over 928 pic
  • Ideas and Plans to Take Care of The Missile Crisis

    Ideas and Plans to Take Care of The Missile Crisis
    JFK SpeechWhen President Kennedy was briefed of the photographs taken by the U2 reconnaissance plane he got together the Executive Committee of the National Security Council or EXCOMM to put together ideas for handling the crisis they went over six options to deal with it: Diplomatic Pressure, blockade, air strikes on the bases, warn Castro of the danger he is in, a full scale invasion of Cuba, or no action at all. Most of EXCOMM voted on an invasion of Cuba, except for secretary of defense McNamara.
  • Quarantine

    The Naval Quarantine
    The U.S. still in heavy tension on who is going to fire the first missile put up a blockade all around Cuba to insure that nothing can come into Cuba or be exported out leaving no way for more missiles to be brought in by soviet ships carrying any cargo.
  • Crisis Deepens

    Crisis Deepens
    After a letter from Nikita Khrushchev warning the U.S. that the Quarantine around Cuba would be an act of war against the soviet government, with this the U.S. hosted an emergency council meeting in hopes of stopping the crisis enough to raise the awareness to DEFCON 2 meaning that all military must be ready for nuclear war if needed. Though the Quarantine stayed the U.S. tried and continued negotiating with the soviets.
  • Crisis Ends

    Crisis Ends
    After the soviets sent a formal letter to President Kennedy about the crisis wanting to resolve the crisis another radio broadcast was sent by the soviets making a deal with the president that they would dismantle the soviet missiles. Kennedy immediately responded with a letter and then a formal letter regarding the terms of “taking a new step towards peace.” And a secret agreement was made that if they took down the soviet missiles Kennedy would remove the missiles from Italy and turkey.