The Cradle of Hip Hop- A Timeline of Key Highlights

  • The Birth of electronic music

    The Birth of electronic music
    Electronic music started to develop during the 1900s
  • Earl Tucker introduces sliding on the floor( at the Cotton Club) which later became a move/type of breakdancing

  • Hip Hop was starting to be associated with loud, ringing music

  • The first true modern electronic music composition is invented.

  • Hip Hop competitions started becoming common

  • DJ Kool Herc was born. He is called “the father of hip hop” and first came up with the idea

  • The Jamaicans invent toasting, the MC, and the DJ (turntable) which becomes important hip hop elements. King Tubby of Jamaica births the dub which later births the remix.

  • The creation of electronic dance (post 1970)

  • The Hip Hop culture is born in New York City which was influenced by Jamaica and African American life, culture and music.

    the early 1970s
  • breakdancing became a common move and graffiti started to come in too

  • Disco music, the popular side of funk music, is born

    Disco music starts becoming more popular and well know later on, however this is the date it was born
  • Breaking is invented

    DJ kool herc invents breaking and shows it off to the public at a Bronx nightclub
  • DJ Afrika Bambaataa defines the four terms that would later become the four main aspects of hip hop

    DJ Afrika Bambaataa defines the four terms that would later become the four main aspects of hip hop
    DJ disk jockey (person who plays recorded music)
    MC master of ceremones or master speaker/ rapper
    B-Boy (or break boy) is a male dancer who performs the hip hop move- breaking
    Graffiti artist
  • Lovebug Starski creates the term hip hop

  • The first formal rap group performs in new york

  • hip hop and rap was starting to be associated with clothing from brands like adidas. They wore baggy comfortable clothes and branded tennis shoes.

  • Kurtis Blow became the first rapper in history to appear on tv

  • Rapping was first shown in a film

    At this point in time rapping started becoming more popular and was starting to be advertised and performed in movies
  • KDAY Los Angeles started- the first rapping radio station

  • rapping music had parental warning stickers

  • Rappers began to wear animal skin shoes

  • Marshall Bruce Mathers (aka Eminem) started becoming well known for his rapping