The constitution

  • Jan 1, 1000


    The American indians were the first known inhabitants.The indains were the Algonquian tribe and the pequots.
  • Exploration

    Adrian block sailed up the Connecticut River.Later Thomas Hooker Founded connecticut and bult settlements.
  • The Dutch

    The Dutch settlers bought the land from the indains durign 1633 through 1635.
  • Peqout war

    The peqout war happened. Connecticut wasnt in war to much but it was near it.
  • King Phillip's war

    The war was bloody and bitterly fought and took out alot of the white men population.
  • Seven year war

    The seven year war happpened through 1756 through 1763.
  • American Revouloution.

    The Revolution creates the United States of America.Along comes the taxes though.
  • The Declaration of Independence

    The seven year war was followed by the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
  • France declares war

    France declares war with Great Briten and make an allience with America to defeat them.
  • Treaty of paris

    The treaty of Paris was singed
  • Civil war

    The Civil war happened through1861 to 1865.
  • spanish American war

    The spanish American war happened in1898 and ended in1901.