The changes in how audiences recieve music

  • How people used to listen to music

    Before the Internet, and before portable devices like Walkman’s came about, listening to music was a very different experience. Record players were bought to go in homes, and used to listen to the music. Music was mostly sound, before MTV came about in 1984, when the music video world began to expand.
  • Sony Walkman

    Sony Walkman
    The Walkman was a device that made listening to music more portable for audiences. This went on sale in 1979, and by 1980 was on sale in many countries. Sony trademarked this name.
  • Car stereo

    Car stereo
    The next development in the listening of music was car stereos. The first steps to vehicle audios were in the 1930s, however full developments weren’t until the 1980’s. This allowed audiences to listen to music on the go and in a different environment, making music more accessible. Now music was becoming a part of everyday life.
  • MTV

    Launched in 1981, MTV’s purpose was to display music videos to a wide audience. Originally aimed at young adults, the channel had developed and found a new audience of adolescents, in addition to young adults.
  • CD Discman

    CD Discman
    This is Sony’s first portable CD device made in 1984. Developing from the car radio, this started to allow audiences to pick and choose what music they were listening too. Having this choice meant people were able to develop their own music taste.
  • Minidisk

    The invention of the minidisk advanced listening to music even more, by making it more compact and portable. The first Minidisk to be released was in 1992 in the USA. This quickly became a worldwide trend, however 2013 saw the last MD device sold. New technologies meant that this couldn’t compete with how portable new products were, for example the Apple iPod. These developments meant that you could still only listen to music on the go, but not watch it.
  • Internet

    The development of Internet is significant because this meant we could start to watch videos on the go. The Internet has been around since 1995, however over the years it has been developed so that we can access it at home, on our phones and on other portable devices. We can now easily show our friends music videos whenever we want since the invention of 3G on our mobiles. This has made more of a buzz round videos because they are talked about and shared through friends.
  • Ipod

    The first line of iPod was released in 2001. This was 8 months after iTunes was created. These two inventions allowed audiences to pick and choose what music they wanted on their personal iPod. This became something that was individual to each person, creating more talk around what music each person liked. Now, music is becoming part of someone’s personality, I believe this is due to these inventions.
  • YouTube

    Youtube was created in 2005 by three former PayPal employees. This has changed the way we consume music, and now Youtube is the biggest video sharing website. It has changed the way we consume music, by giving us easy, quick access to videos. We can also reply, skip and fast forward these videos allowing us to watch them as many times as we like. Media corporations like the BBC and Vevo have joined Youtube, giving them a new platform to reach audiences. This has made music in general more acces
  • VEVO

    Vevo was launched in 2009, and owned by a variety of corporations including SONY and Universal. Google also operates Vevo, helping to promote the videos on their own world wide, popular website. Vevo offers music videos from three major record labels, Universal, Sony and EMI. Vevo serves countries such as, United States, Canada, France, Italy and Brazil. This shows the wide audience that can access videos from Vevo.
  • Music consumption today

    Today, music consumption is easy and quick. Using Apples software you can download songs within seconds, and search a huge library of genres to find something you like. This has also increased the relevance of music videos, because what we see in these is what gets people talking about a track. The fact we can now watch videos wherever we are using our phones means that more money can be put into videos because more sales will be made downloading these songs.