The Change in Music Consumption

  • Music and Radio

    Music on the radio became popular sometimes around the1970's-80's. People listened to other options like recorders and cassettes before. Now they could listen to the most popular tracks without much cost.
  • iPod

    Before the internet, one of the most popular ways to listen to music was through an iPod. Engineered by Apple, the iPod provided access to music through downloads and to then be listened to in random order - this gave the people who played the music some privacy, even in public.
  • Internet - MySpace

    The background of music was changed with the internet - MySpace being the first music website to change it. People no longer had to buy CD's to listen to their favoruite songs. They could access it instantly wherever they were. Along with accessability that the internet provided was the fact that MySpace gave music an actual 'identity' in society, making it a sought-after product.
  • Vimeo

    Created before You Tube, However, Vimeo missed out what YT did not was cencorship, which was why not as many people took interest. A number of videos which included strong violence and nudity were posted and it really hasn't changed much of how we listen to music. YT was far more popular than Vimeo, with Vimeo at under 1,000,000 views per day and You Tube reaching roughly 1,200,000,000 views per day.
  • Fansites

    If someone liked a specific artist and wanted to hear their specific songs, nothing worked better than a fansite. A fansite was where fans could listen to their artist's music and possibly buy tickets to go see them in a concert. Fansites are a more specified place than YouTube to do so.
  • You Tube

    Perhaps the most successful way of accessing music videos, let alone music, was YouTube. This is a video sharing site where users can upload hundreds of videos of whatever subjects they wished, as long as they were legal and artists took this opportunity to promote their work through music videos.