The Cage Timeline

By ZCede50
  • Germans Invade Poland

    Nazis march into Jewish homes and kick them out while beating them to death. Naziis vs. Jews. Riva was robbed.
  • Period: to

    The Cage Timeline

  • A Beautiful But Sad Day

    THe sky is bright and sunny. Clouds float in the sky. The Jewish people are down and gloomy. The Germans had invaded their homes and made them wear the yellow star.
  • Life In The Ghetto

    The gates of the Lodz Ghetto are shut tight. Many Jews are held in a barbed-wire cage. Many Jewish-owned machines were robbed by Germans. No more Jewish factories or jobs.
  • Two Years Later

    Holocaust survivorsThe ghetto walls close in. People in the town panic. Nazis kill sick, old and young Jews. Riva is 16 and her mother gets taken away by Nazis. Now Riva must take care of her siblings until her mother comes back.
  • Firewood

    Motele steals firewood to keep his family warm. Nazis come, find wood, and take Motele in. Motele comes back home guilty yet without a scratch.
  • Pesach tragedy

    Ruth Minsky SenderLaibele dies. Riva is upset but quickly continues to live her life.
  • Friend or Foe

    Nazis promise Jews to take good care of them while leaving Lodz. Jews distrust them and run for dear life. Nazis find some Jews (except for Riva and the others) and throw them in a waiting wagon.
  • Auschwitz

    Riva aand her relatives are taken to the concentration camp Auschwitz. She gets separated from her brothers. Seven days lalter she is taken to Mittelsteine to work.
  • Mittelsteine

    Gets prisoner number, makes some friends, gets blood poisoning and has to go to town for an operation.
  • We Are Free

    The Nazis would kill all the Jews, but unfortunately for them, the Russians came and the Nazis fled. The people in the concentration camp were free.