The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas; The Holocaust

  • Hitler elected

    The beggining of the end
  • First Concentration camp

    The first concentraion camp
  • Hitler power

    Hitler recieved Direct power of the Government
  • Boycott Business

    Nazis Boycott Jewish Business
  • Nazi Party

    Nazi PArty declared the only legal power in Germany
  • Criminals

    Criminals arealso taken to concentration camps including the homeless and the alcoholics
  • fuher dies

    The fuher dies making Hitler the fuher or president
  • Hitler Election

    90% vote for Hitler for President
  • Nazis

    Nazis ban Jews from serving in the military
  • alliance

    austria and Germany form an Alliance (austria has 200,000 jews)
  • Nazis arrest

    Nazzis arrest 17,000 Jews of polish nationality in germany
  • Gold and Silver

    Nazis force Jews to hand over gold and silver items
  • Invasion of poland

    Nazis invade poland a Jewish Population of 3.35 million
  • Gas Chambers

    last use of gas chambers
  • Hitler Gone

    Hitler commits suicide
  • Americans come in

    Americans come and free thousands of jews