The Best Car Chases In The 60's and 70's

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    Car Chases From The 60's and 70's

    This timeline will show the best car chase scenes from the 60's and 70's.
  • Goldfinger

    All James Bond movies have lots of action, but, every James Bond movie has a great car chase scene and this movie has a great one. Esspecially with Sean Connery, the movie and the car chase is great.
  • Bullitt

    Bullitt has one of the most memorable car chases ever. The car chase scene is probably the best car chase scene in movie history. Plus, they have cool cars and explosions.
  • The Italian Job

    The Italian Job
    Now, this is a good movie. The original is the best one rather than the newer one. The car chases is awesome, going through some really cool parts of Italy. Overall, the movie is great and the car chase scene is awesome. There are also some pretty great cars like, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Fiat and much more.
  • Vanishing Point

    Vanishing Point
    This movie has a pretty cool car chase. Especially with the Dodge Challenger. A true muscle car.
  • The French Connection

    The French Connection
    The French Connection has a very cool car chase scene which, in my opinion, is very pivotal to the movie industry and car chases.
  • Duel

    Now, this movie is primarily a thriller but, the car chase is pretty cool. The big huge truck is following and chasing this guy. A great chase scene whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat with suspense.
  • Diamonds Are Forever

    Diamonds Are Forever
    Now, honestly... what did you expect from a James Bond film? In every James Bond film, there is always a great car chase and this one is done quite well.
  • The Seven-Ups

    The Seven-Ups
    With the same Bill Hackman from Bullitt, it makes the car chase scene that much more great. A pretty great chase scene with two Pontiacs.
  • Gone In 60 Seconds

    Gone In 60 Seconds
    Gone in 60 Seconds is a pretty exciting movie for car chases. In the movie, the main character steals forty-eight cars! There is also many cool cars, esspecially the abundance of muscle cars in the film. All in all, cool cars and cars chases = great movie.