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Supply and Demand Project: Automobiles

By katy_d
  • Chevrolet - $525

    Chevrolet - $525
    Price $525.00
    Back in the 1920's following Fords automation of the car industry, Chevrolet was the biggest and most successful competitor, they were sold at a higher base price but many additional extras that were required were built in to the price making them competitive.
  • Buick Cars - $1260 to $2000

    Buick Cars - $1260 to $2000
    From $1,260 - $2,000
  • Auburn Convertible Cabriolet - $1045

    Auburn Convertible Cabriolet - $1045
    Price $1045
    127 inch wheelbase
    98HP straight 8
    Includes finest leather upholstery specialy designed window construction that positively prevents rattle finger tip door handles and adjustable steering wheel in the Convertible Cabriolet
  • Pre-World War II

    Pre-World War II
    In 1940 pre World War II. the US produced 4,680,000 cars.
    This is the first time luxury car's started rolling off a production line. A car showed the wealth and status of it owner. Cars like the Delahaye 135 convertible whose top speeds reached 95 mph or 153kph, the Delahaye was the ultimate 1940 luxury car
  • Capital of Automotive Industry

    Capital of Automotive Industry
    Before the US entered the war the automobile capital was St Louis MO, later Detroit MI became the leader in the automotive industry.
  • New Car Back - $800

    New Car Back - $800
    A new car back in 1940s was about 800 dollars and a gallon of gas was whooping 18 cents. On average most cars got about 15 to 20 miles per gallon.
  • Jeep - US armed forces

    Jeep - US armed forces
    The jeep was first mass produced in the 1940's for the US armed forces.
  • Chevrolet Clipper - $659

    Chevrolet Clipper - $659
    Prices From $659
    The new Chevrolet Clipper with exclusive vacuum power shift , silent valve in head engine, synchromesh transmission, new sealed beam headlights
  • Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company
    The Ford motor company produced a number of cars like the v-8 deluxe coupe that went for the price of about 650 dollars. The ford V8 deluxe four door Sedan which went for around 750 dollars, included and were fitted with sealed beam head lights on the deluxe models, and had chrome headlight trim rings, and parking lights.
  • Packard Clipper

    Packard Clipper
    The 1941-42 Packard Clipper was another luxury car produced pre war.
  • War Effect

    War Effect
    The war had an effect on the auto industry and Chrysler halted its production and, the company then diverted its attention to the war effort. Until the war ended in 1945 Chrysler factories & employees made everything from engines for b29 Super fortress to Pershing tanks,and 40mm trailer mounted anti aircraft guns. The projects completed by Chrysler for the military valued more then 3.4 billion dollars between 1940-1949. In 1943 no civilian vehicles were produced, and in 1944 few light civilian t
  • Nash

    The 1941 Nash was the first English car massed produced with unibody construction.
  • Chrysler Company added wooden exterior

    Chrysler Company added wooden exterior
    In 1941 the Chrysler Company started production of the luxury oriented Town & Country wagon . This car was the precursor to the modern-day mini van. The Town & Country Wagon like the Mini Van featured an optional 9 passenger seating, a rear hatch,and was the first to include genuine wood exterior panels. The Town & Country Wagon was the original "woody". This car made a huge splash with the public especially during the postwar era. The popular convertible version hit the highways in 1949 with a
  • Automotive Production Stopped

    Automotive Production Stopped
    On Feb.9,1942 all the automotive production stopped and the entire US industry started making products for the military to help the troops over seas.
  • Car Phone

    Car Phone
    By 1946 the first radio telephones were used in cars, and the first power operated windows were introduced
  • Driver's Education in High Schools

    Driver's Education in High Schools
    For the first time drivers education was being offered at the many high schools.
  • New Method: Starting Engine with an Ignition Key

    New Method: Starting Engine with an Ignition Key
    In 1948 the Plymouth suburban was introduced, and Chrysler adopted the new method of starting the engine with an ignition key. At the end of the 40s a gallon of gas 26 cents. And after the end of World War II the auto industry was soaring as more and more people wanted to own cars.
  • Cadillac - $1,949

    Cadillac - $1,949
    Prices from $3,497
    Cadillac series 62 Coupe De Ville new for 1949
  • Hudson - $2381

    Hudson - $2381
    Prices From $2381 Ride the most beautiful most roomy most road worthy most "all round performance car in America" the new Hudson
  • Turn Signals

    Turn Signals
    Turn Signals started to appear on production cars in the 1949's
  • Ford - $2,013

    Ford - $2,013
    From $2,013 Ford Fairlane with the new with the 202HP Thunderbird Y8 Engine and dramatic go lines
  • Pontiac Firebird Transam - $ 4,366

    Pontiac Firebird Transam - $ 4,366
    From $4,366 This car still looks every bit of a muscle car today as it did then One of The Coolest Car from the 60's