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Carpe Noctem

  • begins

    Fidds purchases a laptop and starts up his blog. He meets Ford, who is not very friendly toward him.
  • first day of class

    Fidds modifies his laptop to be more efficient. He finds out he has chemistry class with Ford. Ford later apologizes for his rude behavior the day before. They talk a little.
  • second day of class

    Ford and Fidds are picked to be lab partners in chemistry by Professor Daero. They also find out that they have fifth-dimensional calculus together. After looking at Ford's schedule, Fidds is skeptical that Ford can handle so many advanced classes. Fiddleford plans on calling his family after class the next day when Ford isn't around.
  • fidds makes a call

    Fiddleford finds a payphone and calls his family. When nobody picks up the phone, he has a breakdown. He reveals he was homeless for a while and that he's not cis.
  • a midnight breakdown

    Fiddleford hears Ford crying in the middle of the night, but does not mention it to him. He ponders "the enigma that is Stanford Pines" and considers that they may have more in common then they realize.
  • the insomniacs bond

    Neither of the new roommates can sleep, so they decide to watch Cosmos until they fall asleep.
  • filler

    Ford drenches the entire dorm room in pest-killing spray.
  • filler

    Fiddleford comments about how Stanford's stacks of books are steadily beginning to take over the dorm room.
  • ford creates a tumblr/nerd bonding

    Ford agrees to create a tumblr on the basis that Fiddleford plays a game of Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons with him. Fiddleford thoroughly enjoys it.
  • ford's account starts up

    Ford sets up his account. Fiddleford finds out a way to hide posts from him.
  • bike constructed

    Fiddleford buys himself some tools, raid the junkyard for parts, and makes himself a bicycle. Ford sasses him about bringing scrap metal into the dorm room.
  • nerd bonding

    Ford and Fiddleford watch some more Cosmos.
  • filler

    Ford ponders how strange tumblr is and Fidds goes on another junkyard raid.
  • filler

    Fiddleford confesses that he's not as stereotypically southern as he's been making himself out to be. He discusses his weekend plans, which involve raiding the junkyard again and building another bike to sell in town.
  • ford whines

    Fiddleford builds and sells the bike he planned on creating the day before. He uses the money to buy three jicamas. Ford begins to adapt to tumblr's typing style and discovers a way to hide posts from Fiddleford. He spends the rest of the day complaining about Fiddleford , his brother, and his current situation in a series of posts he hides from Fiddleford.
  • big bad backstory night

    Fidds reveals he won a national invention contest, chose to use his prize money on surgery/hormones to transition, his family disowned him, he spent a few months homeless, then arrived at Backupsmore. An anon outs him to Ford & he has a breakdown. Ford awkwardly comforts him & assures him he won't judge him. Ford gets an anonymous message about his brother & he breaks down as well. They reluctantly talk to each other about their pasts. Ford apologizes for being nosy & they watch a movie.
  • start of possum arc

    Fiddleford finds an injured possum and decides to take it in. Ford is appalled and tries to report him to the RA for having animals in the dorm, but the RA simply laughs at him. Fiddleford amputates the possum's leg and dubs him "Stumpy Sagan".
  • that night in the park

    Fiddleford works on a prosthetic leg for Stumpy Sagan. Ford tries to combat his growing anxiety & frustration by going to the local park. Paranoia begins to overwhelm him & he has a panic attack about how much he revealed to Fiddleford. A group of boys approach him, pin him against a tree, & carve the word "FREAK" into his chest. When it gets late & Ford is not back, Fidds goes out looking for him & discovers him unconscious & bleeding out. He flags down a car & gets Ford to the hospital.
  • hospital

    Ford receives medical treatment. He reveals that the boys who attacked him in the park had been bullying him for the past week. He tells the police the names of the boys who attacked him and is later discharged from the hospital.
  • confrontation

    Fidds forces Ford to stay in the dorm to heal. Police arrest the boys who attacked Ford. Fearing repercussions of the arrest from the boy's fraternity brothers, Fidds turns the dorm into a bunker by setting up various defense mechanisms. That evening, a group of frat boys approach the dorm room. Fidds confronts them in the hallway outside their room, armed with a bibi gun that he'd decorated to look like a real gun. Fidds threatens them with the "gun" & they run away.
  • ford breaks down

    Fiddleford finishes work on Stumpy's prosthetic leg, but does not attach it. Ford faces an internal struggle about his trust issues and has a guilty breakdown in which he apologizes to Fiddleford for not being able to trust him and repay his kindness. Fiddleford comforts him and Ford gives him a Cubic's Cube as a gift.
  • denial

    Ford catches up on his work. Fiddleford suggests that Ford be evaluated by a mental health professional. Ford denies he has any problem.
  • the prosthetic

    Fiddleford attaches Stumpy's prosthetic for the first time. He notes that some adjustments will need to be made, but it functions.
  • filler

    Ford asks Fiddleford if he will be coming to the trial of the boys who attacked him and Fiddleford says that he will. Ford says he can borrow some of his nice clothes for the occasion.
  • court

    Ford and Fiddleford attend the court case for the boys who attacked Ford in the park. The boys plead guilty.
  • sentencing

    The boys who attacked Ford get expelled, sentenced to jail time, and put away.
  • settlement

    Ford decides to admit he has a mental health problem. He sues for medical and emotional damages from the incident and the judge awards him the money for a the medical expenses and a mental health assessment.
  • nerd bonding

    Fiddleford and Ford go check out the science museum in town together.
  • nerd bonding

    Ford and Fiddleford have lunch and go bowling together. Fiddleford builds a space heater from scratch, which Ford is impressed by.
  • BanjoQuest™

    As a prank, Stanford steals Fiddleford's banjo and leaves a series of elaborate coded clues behind for him to solve, sending him on a wild goose chase to find the clues. Fiddleford completes the quest and finds Ford and his banjo waiting for him at the end.
  • psych eval pt 1

    Ford goes to his psych eval. He pressures the psychiatrist to give him a list of possible diagnoses and treatments and doesn't like what he hears. He breaks down in his car afterward and punches out one of his windows in anger. He vows not to go back.
  • drama

    Ford goes to class in a horrible mental state. He accidentally reopens his wound and refuses to tell Fiddleford where he is so he can get help. He eventually caves, but Fiddleford is so distressed that he simply flings some bandages and a change of clothes at him before storming away in tears. Both of them have some revelations about themselves (Ford decides to make an another appointment at the clinic) and reunite at the end of the day in a tearful, apologetic hug.
  • nothing happens really

    but they're both uneasy
  • no sleep

    Ford decides it's a good idea not to sleep for forty-eight hours and buries himself in schoolwork.
  • coffee crash

    Ford finally gets some sleep, but not before he throws the coffee maker out the window in a sleep-deprived daze.
  • stanford is scalded/the possum is freed

    Fiddleford makes a new coffee maker that squirts Ford's face with boiling water when he tries to use it. After going to the ER to get treatment for Ford's burns, the pair head to the park and release Stumpy Sagan back into the wild, equipped with a new prosthetic leg. Fiddleford also talks about his past a little and reveals that one of his best friends died on his tenth birthday.
  • filler

    Ford skips class because of his scalded face.
  • nightmare

    Ford comforts Fidds after a nightmare.
  • psych eval pt 2/The Stabbing™

    Ford asks Fidds to accompany him to his psych eval, and he does. After receiving a diagnosis of paranoid personality disorder and being prescribed antipsychotics, he becomes highly agitated and ventures outside clutching a knife. Fidds follows him from the shadows as he approaches the frat boys who had planned to beat him up. Fidds steps in as Ford is lunging at them and Ford accidentally stabs him instead. The frat boys and Ford rush him to the ER.
  • hospital day 1

    Ford bonds with the frat boys (who turn out to be kind, unlike their fellow frat brothers) a bit before they leave and promises to update them on Fidds' condition. He also makes them promise not to tell anyone Fidds is trans after they see his scars. Fidds wakes up, Ford apologizes, and they hug. Ford calls his mom and makes excuses about meds and insurance and gets his prescription from the pharmacy across the street before returning to the hospital.
  • hospital day 2

    Ford takes his first dose of medication. Ford gets worked up and leaves the hospital for a while to clear his head, which causes Fidds to have a panic attack because he's worried about Ford's mental state and the frat boys. Fidds is discharged and Ford picks him up, but they don't talk to each other much for the rest of the night.
  • fiddleford's birthday

    Ford gives Fiddleford a bunch of gifts and they bake a cake together.
  • hrt and hauntings

    Ford offers to be Fidds' spotter for when he's injecting hormones. Fidds accepts. Ford tries to sleep, but can't, haunted by memories of the stabbing incident and minor hallucinations.
  • fidds and the frat boys

    Fidds has a conversation with the frat boys who took him to the hospital, Brandon and Leif. They get along well and Fidds is less scared of them after their talk. Ford has some side effects from his medication and makes an appointment with his med manager.
  • med manager

    Ford goes to meet with his med manager, but his med manager ends up looking a lot like his dad. Shaken, he leaves. He calls and talks to him about what happened an gets set up with somebody else. Ford also gets sent a lot of nasty messages about his brother and feels pretty bad about himself.
  • med manager 2

    Ford meets with his new med manager and gets a new prescription.
  • boys being goofs

    The phone that Ford got Fidds for his birthday explodes. Ford makes a case out of superglued jellybeans for the broken phone and drops it off the roof for science.
  • nothing happens really

    just some banter about memes and bottle flipping
  • ford meets poly

    Ford goes to volunteer at the local animal shelter a meets a kitten that he names Poly with polydactyly.
  • nerd bonding

    Ford is jamming out on the piano in the auditorium all by himself when Fiddleford walks in on him playing and singing. Fidds listens to him play and tells him he sounds nice.
  • nothing happens really

    just ford obsessing over his "daughter", poly
  • approval

    Ford gets approval for Poly to be his emotional support animal so he can bypass the dorm's "no pets" rule and adopts her.
  • venting

    Ford thinks about all the things his parents have done to him and his brother. Looking through his old journals, he realizes it was abuse, plain and simple. He vents on tumblr a little and then goes to the park to angrily kick rocks around until he calms down.
  • bar fight/anxiety attack

    Fidds decides to take an upset Ford out to a local bar to see some stand-up comedy and lift his spirits a bit. Ford releases his pent-up anger while Fidds is in the bathroom by getting into a bar fight. Ford, upset with himself, goes back to the spot in the park where he was attacked as "test" to see if he can contain his emotions. Fidds wakes up from a nightmare and has a bad anxiety attack because Ford is gone and he doesn't know where he is.
  • apology

    Ford comes back to the dorm and finds Fidds unconscious from his anxiety attack. Fidds slaps him across the face when he wakes up.
  • drugs

    Ford apologizes and Fidds broods and thinks things over. Ford does his best to make it up to him, but Fidds shuts him out. Fidds turns to drugs to feel better and robs a dealer at knifepoint to get some LSD. Ford monitors him through the night and has to deal with his screaming, threats, and erratic behavior as an effect of the drugs.
  • the animals go away

    When Fidds comes around, they get into an argument because Ford shredded the rest of the blotter sheets that Fidds stole. Fidds takes a walk and comes across Stumpy Sagan dead by the side of the road. Poly has been traumatized by Fidds' erratic behavior, so a guilty Ford decides she deserves a less stressful living environment and gives her to a local family. At the end of the day, the pair sit on the roof together, sing, talk things out, and lay down some rules.
  • one more trip

    Mostly healed from his injuries, Ford finally starts attending class again. Fidds has cravings for acid and impulsively goes out and buys a tab of LSD. Ford confronts him and Fidds gives him the one tab he bought to calm him, but doesn't tell him that he stole some from the dealer and still has more. He takes a dose and goes to the auditorium to ride it out. Ford is angry at first, but comes to his senses and calmly helps Fidds ride out the dose.
  • things start to look up

    Fidds sells the remaining tabs and the two begin the slow road to recovery. Poly's new family updates Ford and says she's settling in well. They invite him to come visit her and he does. They are very happy to see each other again.
  • nerd bonding

    The nerds bond and go out for dinner together. Fidds comforts Ford after a nightmare.
  • ford makes a friend/night under the stars

    Ford bonds with a dude in history class named Raj. Meanwhile, Fidds takes apart the prosthetic leg he recovered from Stumpy Sagan's body, trying to figure out what he did wrong. Ford sees that Fidds is upset when he returns, so he drives them out to park in the middle of nowhere where they sip lemonade and talk and stargaze and bond. They spend the night curled up together on a blanket under the stars.
  • fidds is anxious

    Fidds finds that something about Raj rubs him the wrong way when he joins them for lunch. Later, Fidds and Ford deal with some noisy neighbors while watching a movie and cuddle in Fidds' bed to sleep for the night.
  • fidds gets creeped on

    Ford makes sure Raj doesn't sit with them at lunch, but he still notices Fiddleford seems anxious, isn't eating, and has opted to wear Ford's clothes. Fidds reveals that Raj grabbed him by the arm, called him a “fucking shim” and “it”, and stuck his hand up his shirt. He doesn't tell Ford.
  • things escalate

    Raj calls Fidds names and pins him against the wall, touching him inappropriately without his consent. Fidds makes a plan to tell Ford alter in the day, but Ford finds out before then when he has a conversation with Raj. They get into a fistfight and Ford arrives back at the dorm room to a tearful and apologetic Fidds. They're but upset at first, but they explain things to one another and quickly make up.
  • filler

    Ford and Fidds argue all day about taking a shower. Ford eventually relents and bathes.
  • brandon and leif get freaking rekt

    Brandon and Leif confront their frat brothers about leaving the fraternity and it escalates into a fight. Fidds tries to shelter Leif from the angry mob in their dorm room, but Ford has no sympathy towards him and pushes him back out. Fidds is upset that he couldn't help them, Brandon and Leif are bitter that Ford refused, and Ford could care less.
  • filler?

    Fidds accepts maybe Ford's choice was for the best, even if Brandon and Leif won't talk to him. Ford sees Raj in class again. They glare at each other across the room.
  • nothing happens really

    Ford works on suppressing his emotions, though he's still a bit on edge.
  • up the dose

    Ford meets with his med manager, who increases the dose of his medication. Ford sees someone he recognizes at the pharmacy and freaks out a little, but manages to calm himself down. Fidds and Ford also hug and watch The X Files.
  • nerd bonding

    Fidds and Ford go see a movie together
  • filler

    Ford buys a five-pound bag of jellybeans. Fidds walks in on Ford trying on one of his old dresses and gives it to Ford after Ford admits he finds it comfortable to wear.
  • shooting

    Ford is in the dorm room and Fidds in class when news of a school shooting breaks and the campus goes into lockdown mode. Ford gets extremely worried and worked up wondering whether or not Fidds is okay until he comes back to the dorm. Fidds is unhurt, but he was in the room where the shooter was and is fairly traumatized by the whole experience. After the scene is safe, Ford goes out and buys some flowers for Fidds, which cheers him up a tiny bit.
  • fidds suppresses the trauma

    Fidds tries to push yesterday's events to the back of his mind. He goes out for a bike ride to let loose and clear his head, then finally gets some sleep.
  • fidds suppresses the trauma

    An assembly is held to talk about the shooting. They attend and Fiddleford tries not to think about it. He and Ford take a bike ride. Ford gets lost along the way and stops in to visit Poly. The two race back to the dorm. Witty banter ensues.
  • friends and a fight

    Class starts again. Fidds meets a girl named Tessa in his advanced lit class + gets her number. When he goes back to the social studies hall where the shooting took place, he ends up crying and shaking in the middle of class. A stranger named Price takes him outside, where they bond by talking about what happened. Later in the day, Ford is annoyed when Fidds uses his phone to talk to Tessa for a long time. Fidds snaps at him when he expresses his frustration. Ford sleeps in his car to avoid him.
  • the woods

    Fidds has bad nightmare. He approaches Ford and tried to apologize, but Ford drives away. Fidds tries to call him from a pay phone, but he doesn't pick up. Ford spends the day in the park. He meditates as a way to cope and Fidds talks to Tessa and hangs out with Price to feel better. Ford cuts himself in the woods and passes out from blood loss. When he wakes up, he returns to the dorm (injury hidden) only to find Price and Fidds smoking pot. Ford leaves and spends the night in his car again.
  • ford meets mirus

    A crow smashes into Ford's car window. He gently helps it recover from the impact and dubs him Mirus. He releases him after he recovers. Fidds tries to apologize to him, but he dismisses him as insincere. Ford returns to the dorm, but won't talk to Fidds until Fidds grabs his arm, reopening his self-harm cuts and revealing the damage. Fidds patches up his arm. The two talk things out and go to the park to spend the rest of the evening relaxing.
  • nerd bonding

    Ford and Fidds go back to the park again. They find a neat little spot after climbing the waterfall, a cave tucked back into a cliff face near the river. They return to the dorm after a while and watch a movie.
  • fidds goes on a date

    Fidds goes on a date with Tessa. Ford is annoyed by Fidds gushing about what a good time he had. Fidds is pissed that Ford is being a "jealous asshole" instead of being happy for him.
  • mirus returns

    Ford is a little jealous of Tessa. Fidds picks up on this and assures Ford he is just as important to him as Tessa is. Mirus returns and presents Ford with the gift of a quarter. He returns daily to bring Ford small items. Ford is haunted by his own thoughts surrounding the fight and feels bad. Fidds had agreed to watch a movie with him, but Fidds goes out with some friends instead.
  • miscommunication

    Ford buries himself in his studies to regulate his emotions. Hurt that Fidds chose his other friends over him, he throws out the flowers he gave Fidds, who is ticked off by the action. Ford buys him a new batch of flowers and talks with the florist a bit. He learns his name is Anthony and he has four fingers on hand. The pair bond over hand deformities. Ford goes back into town later and gets his number (along with a spare pair of glasses).
  • mirus mischief

    Mirus steals a rose from Anthony's flower shop and gives it to Ford. Ford returns the flower to him.
  • filler

    Fidds goes on another date with Tessa. It goes well.
  • filler

    Ford and Fidds spend time at their spot in the park again. Fidds misses home.
  • visit

    Fidds is sad because it is the birthday of his friend Andrew, who died when he fell into a grain silos at Fiddleford's 10th birthday party. Ford and Fidds hang out with Anthony at his house.
  • the boys are back in town

    Fidds and Ford make up with Brandon and Leif, who are apparently a couple now.
  • filler

    Back-and-forth science puns, Fidds is introduced to Tessa and Price's circle of friends.
  • fistfight

    One of Tessa's friends is mean to Fidds and forces him to admit he's trans. Tessa and her other friends are on Fidds' side. Despite Fidds' warnings not to, Ford gets into a fistfight with Val (the mean girl) and is easily defeated. Fidds steps in and takes over, easily besting her. He helps Ford up and the two walk back to the dorm laughing about the whole thing.
  • the ring

    Mirus brings Ford a ring. Ford gets it appraised and finds it is cheap cubic zircon. He goes to visit Poly and asks her guardians, Jane and Xena, for advice on who to give it to. They recommend Anthony, but Ford ultimately chooses Fidds instead. As he pulls it out to give it to him, he trips over hi won feet and ends up on his knees, which makes it appear like he's proposing. Fidds gets a good laugh out of it, but accepts the gift.
  • filler

    Fidds' constant jokes about their "relationship" put Ford on edge.
  • interest loss

    Fidds goes on another date with Tessa and finds he is quickly losing romantic interest in her.
  • split

    Fidds and Tessa decide they like each other more as friends than as romantic partners.
  • rock

    Some kid throws a rock at Leif's head when he sees him holding hands with Brandon. Ford gets ticked off and kicks said kid before walking away. Fidds is amused that Ford likes the former frat boys more than he lets on. Fidds also introduces Ford to Price and his group of friends. Ford does not like them.
  • nightmare

    Ford has a nightmare and snaps at Fidds when he tries to comfort him. He later apologizes for getting so irrationally angry, but still won't tell Fidds what's bothering him.
  • filler

    Ford hangs out with Anthony
  • more drugs

    Fidds skips class to go do meth. Ford is upset because Fidds is too high to play Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons like they had planned, but accepts he can't do much about it. Fidds spends the night drawing up some blueprints.
  • building

    Fidds spends the day constructing a drone.
  • murder

    Fiddleford sicks his "Death From Above" drone on Raj and ends Raj's life. He manages not to get caught.
  • filler

    More nerd bonding
  • filler

    Fidds hangs out with Tessa and her friend and then plays DD&MD with Ford.
  • filler

    Ford engages in a social interaction that doesn't end horribly and sort of makes some new friends despite his paranoia. Fidds hangs out with Price and his friends.
  • highs and lows

    Fidds wakes to find Stanford, who had already left, made breakfast and left a nice note for him. Ford gets called "hellish: and "disgusting" while walking to class. He then runs into the people he talked with yesterday, who tell him his fingers are "cool" and "interesting". Fidds has a breakdown due to trauma from the shooting and smokes weed to suppress his emotions. Ford is displeased.
  • drunk fidds

    Ford gets upset that Fiddleford isn't opening up to him and lashes out by making fun of him. Fidds snaps and gets drunk. He comes back and scares Ford fairly badly by yelling him. Ford drives into town to get advice from Jane and Xena on what to do next. He is forced to lock Fidds in the closet when Fidds begins pointing a broken bottle in his direction.
  • fidds opens up

    Ford takes care of a hungover Fidds. Fidds goes to the library when he's mostly sober to think about what to say to Ford and Ford cuts his hair while Fidds is out. They eventually talk things out and Fidds opens up.
  • *eyes emoji*

    Ford goes to see Jane, Poly, and Xena to thank them. He notes he is growing to tolerate the kids. He also stops by Anthony's shop. Anthony asks him on a date and he turns him down, saying he may have had his eye on someone else. Fidds makes himself a new laptop, since he vomited all over his old one during his hangover.
  • filler

    Ford and Fidds have another Mandatory Leisure Outing™ and bond.
  • mirus is hurt

    Some people throw rocks at Mirus and break his wing. Ford fixes his injury as best he can. Fidds builds a bird cage so they can keep Mirus in their dorm while he recovers. Ford meets with his med manager again.
  • party invite

    Brandon and Leif invites Fidds to a party to in honor of finishing midterms. Fidds plots a way to convince Ford to come as well.
  • :n)(c:

    Ford is excited for upcoming midterms. Fidds tries to convince Ford to come to the party. The boys goof off and make emojis that represent themselves.
  • agreement

    Ford finally agrees to come to the party after learning there will be destruction of a Trump effigy and flag burning. Ford gives Fidds flowers and a sappy note about how much he values his friendship.
  • the party

    Midterms happen and the two go to the party. Ford actually ends up having a lot of fun and breaking out of his shell a little. After the party, a slightly tipsy Fidds and a sober Ford slow dance in the auditorium to cheesy seventies music.
  • poem

    Fidds finds a coded poem that Ford wrote and has his followers decode it but only tell him whether the contents are worrisome or not. Turns out the contents are the opposite of worrisome, though he doesn't get specifics. ;)
  • filler

    Fidds and Ford play DD&MD
  • club

    Ford agrees to help Fidds set up a DD&MD club.
  • filler

    Ford complains about interacting with people even though the interactions go well. He hangs out with Anthony and has a good time.
  • hurt/comfort

    Ford gets bullied by some peers, but afterwards, he runs into the boys he's been talking to that he met at the library. He opens up once they see he's upset and they make him feel better. He begins to consider them friends.
  • sick

    Ford is sick and Fidds takes care of him.
  • revenge

    Ford rubs his pathogen-ridden hands all over his bullies' stuff in an effort to get revenge. Mirus picks the lock on his cage and Ford freaks out about Mirus' demonstration of intelligence. Ford psychoanalyzes himself in a coded message.
  • babysitting

    Fidds catches Ford's sickness and Ford is asked to watch Jane and Xena's children, Gina and Zach. He says yes but gets upset when the kids start touching his hands and goes into a different room, where the kids lock him in. He jumps out the window to get back inside, then gives the kids a timeout. Zach draws on the walls and he has to clean it up. Finally, the kids break the TV and all of them end up crying. Jane and Xena are forgiving and Ford comes back with flowers and an apology for Fidds.
  • smorch

    Fidds and Ford plan to go to the park. As they walk there, Ford spots the bullies and notes happily that they are sick. When the bullies approach them and call them f*ggots, Ford impulsively kisses Fidds, which shocks the bullies into submission.
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