History of the Car - 4th period

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    car history

  • 1st Self Running Vehice - Janiya

    Nicolas Joseph-Cugnot built the 1st runnning vehicle because after the steam piston he deicided to put something we could fit in, in motion so that we could get to our destination faster.
  • 1st Electric form of transportation - Geovanni

    1st Electric form of transportation - Geovanni
    Scottish inventor Robert Anderson invents the first crude electric carriage powered by non-rechargeable primary cells. American Thomas Davenport is credited with building the first practical electric vehicle -- a small locomotive. William Morrison of Des Moines, Iowa builds the first successful electric automobile in the United States. The electric automobile is in its heyday. Of the 4,192 cars produced in the United States 28 percent are powered by electricity, and electric autos represent a
  • 1st Gas Running Automobile - Justace

    1st Gas Running Automobile - Justace
    The first running automobile was built and running in 1886 but other claimit was built in 1864 and 1860.Henry ford did not build a car, he was not even close. What Henry did was invent the assmebly line and have oving cars on it.Before gas cars people were making steam running automobiles and then gas cars ruled then finally electric cars were out. As soon as gas cars were out everyone wanted one and evenutually got one.
  • 1st Gas Pump - Natalie

    1st Gas Pump - Natalie
    Gas Pump On September 5, 1885 the first gasoline pump was made Sylvanus Bowser of Fort Wayne, it was delivered to Indiana. The gasoline pump tank had marble valves and wooden plungers and had the captivity of one barrel. It improves safety, but it can’t guaranteed low prices. The automobile was not yet invented so the gasoline helped stoves and lamps. The gas pumps were not at gas stations.This process was inconvenient and messy, and possibly dangerous, as the gas could easily leak from containers.
  • 1st Standard Drum Brakes - James

  • Model T & General Motors Created by Henry Ford - Saniya

    Model T & General Motors Created by Henry Ford - Saniya
    Model T & General Motors were design by Henry Ford . The Model T put the world on simple , affordable , durable automobile . Ford sold 15 million Model T's before increasing production in May 1927 , Making the Model T one of the best-selling vehicles . In 1908 , there were about 18,000 miles of paved roads in the U.S. Ford Used light and strong vanaduim stell alloy for critical parts . Most auotmoblies in existence were luxurious novelties rather than afforable transport .
  • Electric Starter - Ms. Perry

    Electric Starter - Ms. Perry
    The electric starter: was designed to deliver power needed to move pistons in order to start the engine. When the ignition is turned, current flows through the battery through wires and to the starter motor. The motor begins to turn, which turns the flywheel gear which then moves the pistons to start the engine. Invented by Charles F. Ketting. Before, they had to use a hand crank which took a lot of effort and could be dangerous.
  • 1st Moving Assembly Line - Jose

    1913 Henry Ford installs the first moving Assembly Line for the Automobile.
    He reduce the time it took to build a car.
    Henry ford borke the Assembly Line into 84 discrete steps
  • 1st Car Body Made of Steel - Karen

  • 1st 1 Pedal Brake - Jacqueline

    1st 1 Pedal Brake - Jacqueline
    John Godfrey submitted all of the supply, also enable the brakes to be applied or the clutch to be engaged by power. this wasn't until 1919 how it work was that people instead of now having to apply a hand brake and a foot brake semultanisly the would just apply the foot brake instead of applying both.one of the car was the BMC mini which the first version of a motor cooperation mini.on 1950's the pedal cars grew more popular models and colors increase.
  • 1st Power Steering - Isaiah

    1st Power Steering - Isaiah
    What you want to know about power steering
    The powering steering is really an assistance to the car.
    It helps you steer the wheel without using much force.
    Wasn't a big invention but most definatley helped.
    It made it so much easier to drive cars.
    It was a incredible invention.
  • Mass Produced Car - Lidio

    Mass Produced Car - Lidio
    • Citroen built his company because he had a factory without a product and wanted to do automobile manufacturing after World War 1
    • His designs were used by the military of France and some other country

    • Citroen was the first mass-production car company out the USA
    • It was founded in 1919
    • Its headquarters or located in France
    • It area served is worldwide, except united states, Canada, Mexico, and south Asia
    • The owner is PSA Peugeot Citroen
    • He produced Europe’s first all-stee
  • Turn Signals Introduced - Khyre

    Turn Signals Introduced - Khyre
    Florence Lawrence was the first person to develop an early turning system which was known as the signaling arm and it was placed on the back fendor of the car controlled by a electronic button. Website link
  • Air Conditioning Introduced - Andrea

  • Cruise Control - Bryan

  • Electric Fuel Injection System - Mercedes

    Electric Fuel Injection System - Mercedes
    1966 Electronic fuel injection system developed An electronic fuel injection system is developed in Britain. Fuel injection delivers carefully controlled fuel and air to the cylinders to keep a car’s engine running at its most efficient. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG1w3l41lmQ
  • Air Bags Became Standard - Maya

    Air Bags Became Standard - Maya
    An airbag is a vehicle safety device.the person that invinted the airbags is Hetrick.help to properly position occupants to maximize the airbag's benefits. sirbsgs were created to help to properly position occupants to maximize the airbag's benefits.
  • Anti Lock Braking - H'Linh

    Anti Lock Braking - H'Linh
    Anti-lock braking system is a safety equipment for your car that was originally made for aircrafts by a French man, Gabriel voisin. (ABS) is a system that helps you maintain control of the car whether it be in slippery roads or any bad road conditions, It prevents the wheels from locking up during braking to prevent accidents like skidding. ABS prevent your wheels from locking up by the sensors on the wheel. ABS contains components like Hydraulic Control Unit ,Front anti-lock brake sensors.
  • 1st Commercially Mass Produced Hybrid Car - Jaylen

    Toyota unveils the Prius it is a electric car the prius was the worlds first commerially mass produced hybride car. with the car beeing eletic it doent use gas. it was and still is very popular in japan and in other parts of the world.
  • 1st Pug-In Hybrid & All Electric - Ms Perry

    1st Pug-In Hybrid & All Electric - Ms Perry
    Chevy Volt: able to plug into a regular, electric power source to charge a rechargeable battery in the car. This battery allows the car to go 40 miles without using any gas. Once the charge runs out, it can switch to using gasoline. Nissan Leaf- first mass produced, all-electric car available in the US. 0 emissions. 126 mpg. Use your own home charging station. Plug in overnight and you’re ready to go in the morning.