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Jeep Cherokee

  • Bought a new Jeep Cherokee

    Bought a new Jeep Cherokee
    Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4 KL MY15 4D Wagon 2.0L Auto 4 cyl Diesel with VIN 1C4PJMHY8FW573814 purchased from Sutton's City Rosebery NSW 2018. Incl. electronic convenience group option, dealer charges, on road costs, floor mats, 3 year manufacturer warranty with roadside assist, 3 year unlimited car wash, 2 years free servicing, full tank of fuel and Suttons Auto Protection Premium Extended Warranty including 6 years of Platinum National Roadside Assistance Total price of goods $50,450
  • Complimentary check up

    The service team fixed something in the computer to do with air bags. From that point on the car started to experience technical problems. It began with the park assist system malfunctioning. Then the 4WD system began to malfunction.
  • Engine warning lights and transmission failure

    Engine warning lights and transmission failure
    I brought the car in for another check and was told everything was fixed. The very next day I had the same issues and the problems began to get worse with engine warning lights appearing and eventually getting a malfunction which limited the car's ability to accelerate, travel above 60kph (and in some cases 20 kph) and do hill starts.
  • Throttle malfunctions

    Throttle malfunctions
    The car wasn't fixed by the weekend but the service team said the car was driveable so I picked it up on Saturday morning as I needed a car (the Jeep is the only car in the family). Whilst the car moved and managed to get me and my kids around Sydney it certainly wasn't safe with all the electrical and throttle malfunctions. I brought the car back in on the Monday morning and let the service team know I needed to drive to Newcastle on the following Thursday.
  • Failure to call back

    When I made contact on the Wednesday prior to my trip I was told someone would call me but that never happened.
  • Picked up the car ... again!

    No documentation detailing what was done on the car as the service team had no papers when I picked it up and I never received the copy in the mail that was promised.
  • Complaint email sent to Don Chockman, Customer Service Manager

    On 18 Sep 2015, at 4:55 PM, Don Chockman don.chockman@suttonsrosebery.com.au wrote: Hello Kirk Please accept my apologies that you haven’t been enjoying trouble free motoring in your new vehicle.
    I am on leave until Tues 6th Oct & will address your concern on my return , Could you please forward me the vehicle
    registration details & contact phone number. Many thanks Regards Don Chockman
    Customer Service Manager
  • No further response so gave up

    Don called Sally at 8 pm to say he would send the claim to Jeep but will be on holidays for the next 2 weeks and will not be able to submit the claim until he gets back. Despite a couple of follow up calls by us there was never any progress.
  • 6 month service completed

    6 month service completed
  • 6 month service

  • 12 month service completed

    12 month service completed
  • 24 month service completed

    24 month service completed
    Told the service team about the stop/start issue and park assist not working intermittently but once again they said they couldn't find anything wrong.
  • Car back in for inspection of same problems

  • Car in again for same issues


    Thought we had 6 years of Platinum National Roadside Assistance based on the original order document.

    After using the car for a few weeks since returning from overseas Sally contacted Suttons to report the transmission, park assist and start/stop issues but they couldn't schedule a service until 8th May.

    After using the car for a few weeks since returning from overseas Sally contacted Suttons to report the transmission, park assist and start/stop issues but they couldn't schedule a service until 8th May.
  • Paid for Jeep Assist extension

    $143.00 paid by BPay
  • 36 month service completed

    36 month service completed
    Sally dropped the Jeep off at Suttons for the service and to investigate the warranty issues.
  • Picked up Jeep after warranty and service work

    Got charged $425 for the 18 month or 30k service [$232.26 labour, $59.74 parts (1 x optikleen 5ML; 1 x sealing gasket, 1 x filtering element) and $133.00 service products (diesel engine oil, workshop supplies and environmental charge)] plus $78.00 labour and parts on replacing front and rear wiper blades. Should have cost $220 total parts, oil and labour for the service component (refer auto protection warranty plan contract 4839562)
  • Start/Stop still not working

    Start/Stop still not working
  • Booked Jeep in for another check

    Called Suttons and the earliest they can look at the car is 3rd July. They offered to store the car until then if we wanted to arrange the car to be towed at our cost to the dealer.
  • Next stop Fair Trading

    Spoke to Fiat Chrysler Australia about next steps. They said Suttons had to re-assess the car as they did the work but if we still had issues the only real avenue would be a claim at Fair Trading.
  • Sutton’s backflip

    Cancelled roadside assist towing after both FCA and Suttons told me that as the work was being treated as a warranty issue Suttons could no longer do the job as they were terminating the Jeep relationship as at 1st July 2018. FCA gave me details of alternative service locations for me to call and schedule the warranty work.
  • A new Service provider

    After I was told I would have to wait another 2-4 weeks before getting the warranty work scheduled I escalated with FCA. Robert Lawson in Head Office helped contact the nearest partner and secured a booking for 26 July. Unfortunately we are due to leave for a holiday tomorrow but we managed to get the car towed early and stored at Heartland Bankstown.
  • No news

    Expected a call from someone today but no missed calls or messages.
  • Picked up the Jeep

    Picked up the Jeep
    Received a call to say the Jeep was good to pick up. Software was updated and the battery replaced. On the way home a new warning message came up on the dash saying exhaust system regeneration. This has never happened before and am wondering how many more issues the car has. Is it actually safe to drive?
  • Still no working vehicle

    Spoke to FCA again to log the new warning message and they promised to discuss with Heartland and get back to me but thought the car needed to go back to the workshop.
  • Still having problems

    Still having problems
    So we have driven the car three days now since we got it back from the workshop. Yesterday was the only day we had no engine issues. Today we were warned about an electronic throttle issue and experienced loss of power with both girls in the car. This is feeling dangerous to drive.
  • Next available service date 21/8

    Called Heartland and booked the next available date for service on 21/8.
  • NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal Application

    I have lost all trust that any of the businesses involved in this matter care about the customer at all. I was sold something defective and yet I am treated as the one at fault. Nobody follows through. Nobody cares that the car is not roadworthy. Nobody cares that they have not fulfilled on their service promise. They only care about money. So today we made a formal submission to the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal against Suttons Rosebery.
  • Tribunal hearing confirmed a meeting is scheduled for 20 August 2018

    MV 18/34510
  • Updated Suttons and FCA to only correspond in writing

    Updated Suttons and FCA to only correspond in writing. Suttons responded within 90 minutes requesting a call which I declined.