The History of Oldsmobile

  • Ransom E. Olds is born in Geneva, OH.

    Ransom E. Olds is born in Geneva, OH.
  • Period: to

    History of The Oldsmobile Motor Company

  • The Olds Family Moves North

    The Olds Family Moves North
    Ransom and his family moved to Lansing, MI in this year where his father, Pliny Oldsm established a machine shop named P. F. Olds & Son. Ransom worked with his father as they moved into the production of steam engines that used gasoline, not coal or wood, as the source of heat. The business prospered as they turned out large numbers of steam engines for a variety of purposes.
  • Steam powered car is developed - TOP SPEED 25 MPH!!

    Steam powered car is developed - TOP SPEED 25 MPH!!
    In 1892, Olds built an auto powered by a pair of two horsepower steam engines, each connected to a driving wheel. This worked well on level ground, but not very well on hills.
  • Olds Motor Company is established

    Olds Motor Company is established
    Olds and Lansing business people start the Olds Motor Vehicle Co. and build four cars. The Lansing-based manufacturer is the first company organized specifically to produce cars in quantity.
  • The Company is Moved to Detroit

    The Company is Moved to Detroit
    Smith, a Detroiter, and other local stockholders insisted that the Olds Motor Works locate in Detroit, which was already a thriving manufacturing center for carriages, stoves, and other products. At this point, another Detroiter, Henry Ford, was still attempting to launch his own motor-vehicle manufacturing operation; he had incorporated one in 1899, but it failed a year later. The newly-built Olds Motor Works plant and offices on the Detroit River were the city's first permanent auto manufactur
  • Video Clip of a Curved Dash running

    Video Clip of a Curved Dash running
  • Fire - Relocation - Re-birth

    Fire - Relocation - Re-birth
    • Ransom comes home from a trip to see his father in California to read in the newspaper headlines that his company burned to the ground while he was gone.
    (No individual was killed) The only car that survived was the "Curved-Dash Runabout".
    • Olds Motor Works moves back to Lansing, MI. 425 "runabouts" were built after the relocation; the little car became quite popular in the years remaining - 1907.
    • The Curved-Dash Runabout specs: 1 cylinder / 4.5 HP / 2-speed manual / $650.00

    *** The 1901 to 1907 Oldsmobile Curved Dash was the first mass-produced car, made from the first automotive assembly line, an invention that is often miscredited to Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. (Ford was the first to manufacture cars on a moving assembly line.) ***
  • New Company Name

    New Company Name
    Olds Motor Works is renamed to what we know (formerly know) today as Oldsmobile Motor Company. Olds + Automobile = Oldsmobile
  • The Beloved Curved-Dash is NO MORE

    The Beloved Curved-Dash is NO MORE
    The Curved Dash Runabout's production is stopped by Oldsmobile; bigger, better, and new is wanted. 19,000 were built between 1901-1907.
  • Oldsmobile Joins General Motors Company

    Oldsmobile Joins General Motors Company
    Located in Flint, MI, General Motors Company (GM), adds to both Buick and Oldsmobile to their company.
  • (1,000,000) Oldsmobile SOLD

    (1,000,000) Oldsmobile SOLD
  • WWII Begins

    WWII Begins
    Automobile production decreases as the company aides the war effort. Many workers leave for the war.
  • WWII Ends

    WWII Ends
  • New Transmissiion

    New Transmissiion
    Futuramic Oldsmobile introdcues their Futuramic Olds. Basically it was their first automobile to have an "auomatic transmission".
  • Ransom E. Olds Dies

    Ransom E. Olds Dies
    Ransom E. Olds dies in his home in Lansing, MI at the age of 86.
  • The 442 is introduced

    The 442 is introduced
  • The Hurst Olds

    The Hurst Olds
    In 1968, shifter mogul George Hurst had a '68 442 that he had swapped an Olds 455 into, and found the swap to be not only successful, but relatively simple. George's right-hand man, Jack "Doc" Watson, took the idea of the engine swap a few steps further, adding special paint, a Hurst shifter, engine modifications, and a walnut dash applique, and the Hurst/Olds was born.
  • Hurst Olds

    Hurst Olds
  • Muscle Car Era Ends

    Muscle Car Era Ends
    Oldsmobile's production of their performance model 442 continues, however a new body style is introduced (European inspired) and the raw horsepower the beloved model once had was gone. The three main speed bumps were insurance premiums, tougher environmental laws, and the 1973 OPEC oil embargo.
  • Hurst Olds Model Resurfaces

    Hurst Olds Model Resurfaces
    The Hurst Olds Model is broght back 1983 and 1984. Paint for "83 - Black (main) - Red (stripe) - Sliver/Grey (Bottom)
  • Last Hurst Olds Model

    Last Hurst Olds Model
    Colors are flipped from the 1983 model.
  • 100th Anniversery

    100th Anniversery
  • Oldsmobile NO LONGER???

    Oldsmobile NO LONGER???
    GM announces they will phase out the Oldsmobile division.
  • Last Olds Is Produced

    Last Olds Is Produced
    The 2004 Oldsmobile Alero is the last vehicle Oldsmobile produced. In its 107-year history, it produced 35.2 million cars, including at least 14 million built at its Lansing, Michigan factory.