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Henry Ford

  • Birth

    born July 30th 1863 by the parents William Ford and Mary Litigot Ford. As a child he was interested in farming machinery.
  • Mary Litogot Dies

    Mary Litogot Dies
    Henry's mother died in 1876 while delivering her seventh child
  • Marries Clara Bryant

    Marries Clara Bryant
    Henry left his family for Detroit at age 16 getting a job as an apprentice machinist in Detroit. He learned how to operate and service steam engines, he also studied bookkeeping. In 1888 Henry married a woman named Clara Ala Bryant and returned to farming in order to support his wife and his son Edsel Ford. Later he was hired as an engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company, his skills earned him position as chief engineer in 1893.
  • The Birth of Edsel Bryant Ford and His Sports Cars

    The Birth of Edsel Bryant Ford and His Sports Cars
    Edsel Ford was born in Detroit to Clara Bryant Ford and Henry Ford, Edsel had most interest in flashier car styling than his father who only wanted the fact that the vehicle moves. He indulged this by purchasing Lincoln Motor Company in 1922, Edsel bought the first MG Motorcar imported to the U.S. He also had his own custom V-8 boat tailed speedster custom designed for him in 1932. Later on he had another car designed, a low-riding aluminum bodied speedster.
  • Ford's Quadricycle

    Ford's Quadricycle
    In a shed at his house in Bagely Avenue, Detroit, Henry creates the quadricycle, the first vehicle hes ever designed. In March another engineer named Charles King had made his own made of wood with a four cylinder engine that could take it five miles per hour. This only encourages Ford to build a lighter and faster model running on gasoline.
  • Ford Creates Ford Motor Company, Beats Best Driver of Era

    Ford Creates Ford Motor Company, Beats Best Driver of Era
    Henry Ford leaves his job as a machinist and builds the Ford Motor Company, later on in 1901 Ford designed the 26 horespower sweepstakes and defeats the well known race car driver of the era Alexander Winton in 10 laps around the one mile of the Detroit Driving Club
  • Henry's Speedy 999

    Henry's Speedy 999
    Henry sets the speed record in 1904 by building the self propelled "999".
  • The Model T and Assembly Line

    The Model T and Assembly Line
    Ford, after a few trials building cars and companies, he established the Ford Motor Company, thus causing the introduction of the Model T or "Tin Lizzie" in October of 1903 (Biography in context). During the Model T's existence, in the U.S almost 1,000,00 were sold in Canada, 250,000 in Great Britain and 15,500,000 in the U.S. Henry came up with the moving assembly line, workers assembled while the parts were put together as the car-in-progress moves along
  • The Model A

    The Model A
    The Model A was a car that came after the Model T, with a better brake and engine system
  • Period: to

    World War I

    Henry Ford was around during World War I, he was against the war as an anti-Semitist. He payed blacks and whites the same, five dollars a day. A large amount during that time, larger than the amount a Georgian farmer would give. He believed Jews were actually the cause of World War I, he was known to have said "I know who makes wars. The international Jewish bankers arrange them so they can make money out of them."
  • Ford Airplane Company and The Flying Flivver

    Ford Airplane Company and The Flying Flivver
    During World War I Henry tried his hand at aviation and created the Ford Airplane Company. One of his airplanes created was the Flivver, The Ford Flivver was a small single-seat plane that was just over 15 feet long and had a wingspan of just a hair under 23 feet. It ran on a 3-cylinder, 35-horsepower engine made by the Ford company Anzani, and it weighed just 350 pounds when empty.
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

    Henry Ford was also around during the Great depression, maybe even causing it. He responded to the drop in motor sales by reducing the scale of the company's workers by laying them off, this resulted in a 30% rise in unemployment by 1932. He did help small numbers of distressed families with loans and land work, a majority being unskilled workers who were laid off and forced to cope with their lives on their own.
  • Ford Hunger March

    Ford Hunger March
    Henry Ford infuriated thousands of people by publicly stating the unemployed should do more to find work for themselves. This caused many of the unemployed to start the Ford Hunger March on March 7, 1932. 3,000 to 5,000 unemployed workers in West Detroit to march along the River Rouge, quickly the protest turned into a civilian battle, police fired tear gas into the crowd and fire trucks were ordered to spray ice cold water at the protesters who fought back by throwing rocks.
  • Edsel Ford Dies

    Edsel Ford Dies
    Henry Ford had passed his company down to his son Edsel Ford. Edsel Ford dies of stomach cancer at Gaukler Point in his home and Henry Ford, now 49, regains presidency of Ford Motor Company.
  • Creation of Ford Foundation

    Creation of Ford Foundation
    Edsel Ford and his family establish the Ford Foundation to provide ongoing research, education, and development after receiving a gift of $25,000.
  • Death of Henry

    Death of Henry
    Henry Ford dies of a cerebral hemorrhage near his Dearborn estate, Fair Lane. Ford Motor Company is passed to his grandson Henry Ford II