Henry Ford

  • Birth

    Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 in Dearborn Michigan. He was the the son of William Ford and Mary Ford. Henry was raised with 4 siblings. This event is important because it was when he was born(thefamouspeople.com).
  • leaving for Detroit

    leaving for Detroit
    In 1979 Henry Ford moved away from home and landed in Detroit Michigan. for work. He became a apprentice in a machine shop and then moved to the Detroit Drydock Company. During his apprenticeship he recieved $2.50 a week, but room and board cost $3.50 so he labored nights repairing clocks and watches. This event is significant
    because it was Henry's first time starting his working life to become Americas best car creator(Brewer 151). become Americas best car creator (Brewer, 151).
  • Marries Clara

    Marries Clara
    On April 11, 1888 Henry Ford marries Clara Ala Bryant. They had one son named Edsel. This event is signifigant because through this marrage his wife shaped him to be the good man he is(biography.com).
  • Birth of his son

    Birth of his son
    On November 6, 1893 Henry Fords first and only child edsel Ford is born. Henry adored his son and eventually gave him the Ford Motor Company. This is significant because Edsel is Henry's son and later president of Ford Motor Company(thefamouspeople.com).
  • finished first car

    finished first car
    On June 4, 1896 Henry Ford created his first ever car. It weighed 500lb and it was the heaviest vechicle yet produced. Ford named it the Quadricycle. This event is significant because the success fueled the creation of the Ford Motor Company(Richards 15)
  • Henry Ford Compay

    Henry Ford Compay
    On November first 1899 Henry Ford created the Detroit automobile company. It was later named the Henry Ford Company which ended up being shut down. This event is important because it was one of Fords companies before he hit it big with the Ford Motor Company(Gale).
  • Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company
    Ford Motor company created by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903 is one of the largets automobiles makers in the world. The model a car was released in the companys first year. This event is significant because it is the creation of the second largest automobile production center and Americas most important item which is a car(Gale encyclopedia).
    necessitary a car. (galegroup.com)
  • Model-T Car

    Model-T Car
    In October 1908 in Dearborn Michigan Henry Ford introduces the Model-T car. The car was inovated with a stering wheel on the left an idea that other car companies would copy. The Model-T was proved highly liked and succesful as it was not only cheap and easy to drive but it was also cheap to repair.The ModelT significance was it allowed common middle class Americans to drive due to the
    affordable price of the car(thefamouspeople.com
  • World war 1

    World war 1
    The world war 1 happened In 1914 and eneded in June 29th, 1919. It was caused by the assination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and many coutries got in involved such as USA, England and Russia...etc This event was signifigant because it was the first big war of the 20th century(Jones 4)
  • Assembly Line

    Assembly Line
    In October Henry Ford sponsored the developement of the moving assembly line. The assembly line was a technique of massive production. This event is important because the assembly line is factortored in American day life everyday and is a big part of it(biography.com).
  • Communism

    Communism played a big part in the USSR in 1922. Vladimir Lenin used Communism throughout his ruling in Russia. This is a signifigent part in history because communism led to the ruling and thinking of the Halocaust and Hitler(Routledge).
  • Great Depression

    Great Depression
    During the years of 1929 through 1930's the USA was in a economic depression. The stock market and economy crashed causing the mass amount of job layoffs making peopel very poor. This event is signifigant in history because it was a dark time in American History and the economy was the worst its ever been(Bernanke 257).
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The attack on Pearl Haror happend on December 7 1941. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Hawaii and caused many American deaths but fought back by bombing Hiroshima. This event is significant because it was start of the fight vs the Americans and Japan(Maechling 41).
  • Nazi Germany

    Nazi Germany
    In 1943 Hitler's regn was occuring.Nazi Germany and Hitler were killing mass amounts of Jewish People. This event is important in history because it shows that no matter what race or religion you are you should be treated equal and in Nazi Germany that never happend so Nazi Germany was a symbol of what not to treat people(GaleEncyclopedia).
  • Hiroshima, Japan

    Hiroshima, Japan
    On August 6 Usa dropped a atomic bomb on Hiroshima Due to the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor. This event is signifigant in history because it ended Japans involvement in the world war 2(Boyer 442).
  • Death

    On April 7, 1947 Henry Ford died. He died of cerebral hemorrhage. This event is signifigant because it is the death of one of America's greatest bussiness men(Biography.com).