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Henry Ford

  • Henry Ford is born

    Henry Ford is born
    He was born in Wayne country near Dearborn Michigan. From the day he was born you could tell he was born in the wrong place. Farm work was not for him.
  • Lincoln assassinated

    Lincoln assassinated
    President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's theatre. While trying the enjoy the play he was shot in the head but didn't die until the next morning. This was done by John Wilkes Booth.
  • Franco- Prussian war unifies Germany

    Franco- Prussian war unifies Germany
    Germany was in the process of trying to become one big unified empire. The one who was really pushing for this to happen was Otto Von Bismark. The plan the whole time was to make Germany more powerful in every possible area.
  • Henry starts off alone

    Henry starts off alone
    At the age of 16 Ford moved away from the farm work he was raised into. He went to work at a factory in Detroit, not too far from Dearborn. Here he worked with ships. This was a good start to the rest of his inventing career.
  • Gets married to Clara

    Gets married to Clara
    After first meeting Clara Bryant in the winter of 1885, he was instantly attracted. Before he had dated a good amount of girls, trying to find the right one. Through the three years they had together before marriage Ford realised Clara had finally been the right one. They stayed together for the remainder of their lives.
    (Richards/ Henry Ford/ page 27)
  • Comes out with Quadricycle

    Comes out with Quadricycle
    The Quadricylce was Henry Ford's first automobile. His idea was following every other automobile inventors goal at the time. This idea was for a horseless carriage. Although he did not have the very first patent for a horseless carriage, Henry had one of the best at the time.
    (Richards/ Henry Ford/ page 31)
  • McKinley assassination

    McKinley assassination
    On this day president William McKinley was shot. An anarchist had targeted him and shot him in his abdomen multiple times. He was socializing innocently when this had happened. The man who shot him was names Leon Czolgosz.
  • Fords Motor Company

    Fords Motor Company
    This was Henry Fords second and final company. He quickly left his first co. opened in 1901 due to financial issues. The first car Fords Motor Company released was called the Model A.
    (Untermeyer, Louis)
  • The birth of the Model T

    The birth of the Model T
    This was not Ford's first car but it was a big contributer to making Ford such an important company. At the time the automobile business was booming along with technological advances that came along with it. For example assembly lines made more, faster on a daily basis.
    (Clymer, Floyd)
  • First Ford assembly line

    First Ford assembly line
    Now that cars became more common and used by a majority of people that could afford them, the demand for them was huge. With the advance of cars themselves came the advance of the assembly lines. By this time the speed of how the cars were put out was unbelievable.
  • Ford for Senator

    Ford for Senator
    After completing his automobile goals, Ford wanted to take his hand at government. In 1918 he ran for senator in Washington with the belief that he could do good for the people. Unfortunately he did not win, but the votes were pretty close.
    (Richards/ Henry Ford/ page 71)
  • The 19th amendment

    The 19th amendment
    After a long fight woman got the right to vote through the 19th amendment. All women across the United States got a freeing feeling once this was put in feeling. In previous years women's suffrage was a big thing, with rallys, speeches and a large amount of fighting for equality. This was a huge sign of progress in American history.
  • The tri-motor plane

    The tri-motor plane
    Being good with mechanics, Henry tried to create other things. Not only did he create amazing automobiles but he made his own model of plane. People nicknamed it the "tin goose" He was very proud of himself for being able to make such amazing things.
    (Richards/ Henry Ford/ page 74)
  • Hitler rules

    Hitler rules
    Adolf Hitler was already dictator of Nazi Germany. He led people with harsh power and started what we now know as the holocaust. Many people had trusted in his power at the time so in 1934 they official declared him Fuhrer of Germany.
  • The beginning of WWII

    The beginning of WWII
    WWII started with a sudden invasion of Poland from Germany. This invasion and the current ruling of Hitler in Germany angered many countries. Britain and France, being allies decided to continue with attacks and grew the war, mostly against Nazi Germany.
  • The death of a legend

    The death of a legend
    After a long meaningful life Henry Ford passed away peacefully in his bed. He was back in Dearborn, the place of his birth. With no electricity, heating or anything in between due to a flood, he died in simplistic conditions. He was buried in his families local cemetery.
    (Richards/ Henry Ford/ page 78)