Indie music

By aeisha
  • The beginning

    The beginning
    Around the late 1970’s when a band known as the Buzzcocks independently funded and self published their first album Spiral Scratch EP. This was the first independent album made and started a revolution in the music industry.
  • Inspired by Buzzcocks

    Inspired by Buzzcocks
    By the mid to late 80's, Independent music started become more popular and mainstream, earning the name "Indie music" by the public.
  • Indie becomes mainstream

    Indie becomes mainstream
    As the 80's came to an end, Indie music did not. It became a major part of music. Independent bands like New Order and Echo And The Bunny men, begun playing larger events
  • Indie in the 90's

    Indie in the 90's
    By the 90's indie had became major and more common. This era was considered the golden age for indie music. A new form of Indie surfaced, known as Grunge.
  • Grunge era

    Grunge era
    Grunge bands like Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Pearl Jam became mainstream and achieve multi-million sales globally. From the grunge era came another branch of indie music, known as alternative rock
  • Alternative rock

    Alternative rock
    As alternative rock hit the indie scene, it had a major inspiration for the future generation of music.
  • Indies influence

    Indies influence
    Indie music influenced a lot in life. As people made music from their room and became more mainstream, it influenced groups of peoples behavior, style, and ideas
  • New era of independent music

    New era of independent music
    As technology became more advanced it improved the production of independent music and made the process easier and cheaper for people
  • Music platforms

    Music platforms
    Music platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple music became more common and easier to use. People were able to create music and release it on these platforms in a cheap and easy way.
  • Today's indie

    Today's indie
    Like before, technology advances making music and other things easier to create. More and more people become apart of the indie world and now independent music is much more common.
  • Music communities

    Music communities
    As Indie music became more and more popular over time, people created opportunities for these musicians, and the people who enjoy them. Over the world, music festivals like cochella or forecastle became more and more popular, giving independent musicians the opportunity to perform for a crowd
  • Festivals

    Major celebrities would attend these festivals, making them more popular among the indie community, giving the bands more opportunities
  • Social media influence

    Social media influence
    Along with festivals, was social media to promote music and people. Releasing music independently became much easier with social platforms to put their music on and share.
  • Tiktok music

    Tiktok music
    Tiktok became a popular app around 2018, this app became a common app to help boost peoples music and change the music world entirely.
  • The rise of tiktok music

    The rise of tiktok music
    Tiktok created a new world of independent music. People like Lil Nas X, Olivia Rodrigo, and Coi Leray had songs that became popular on tiktok and skyrocketed their careers
  • Todays Independent music

    Todays Independent music
    Over the years the creation of music has advanced, back when independent music just started people had to come up with the money to buy things to produce the music, and they had to go and have the music printed and sold physically. Now people can produce music off their phones, upload it to the internet and possibly skyrocket to fame. The world of music has changed drastically and made creating music much easier