The Baroque Era

  • Period: 1567 to

    Claudio Monteverdi

    A composer who was adept at composing "modern" music, and used dissonances for text expression.
  • Period: to

    Francesca Caccini

    A Soprano singer who was the first woman to compose Operas.
  • Beginning of Early Baroque

  • The invention of the Telescope

  • Period: to

    The Thirty Year War

    The war of the Protestant revolting against the Holy Roman Empire. This war engulfed almost all European countries. The war was fought for the attainment of power.
  • Period: to

    Barbara Strozzi

    An Italian singer who was was one of the first woman to compose music during the 17th century.
  • Arrival of the Pilgrims

    The arrival of the Pilgrims in the Americas, who have dissociated themselves from the Church of England.
  • Reign of Charles I

    His frequent quarrels with Parliament ultimately provoked a civil war, that led to his execution.
  • First female singers sing

  • First public Opera house opens in Venice

    The opera house, "Teatro San Cassiano" was the first public opera house to be open.
  • Period: to

    Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber

    Bohemian-Austrian composer and violinist. A very impactful composer for the violin.
  • End of Early Baroque

  • Beginning of Middle Baroque

  • The Invention of the Bassoon

  • Period: to

    Arcangelo Corelli

    An Italian composer during the Baroque era.
  • Period: to

    Henry Purcell

    A singer, organist, and composer of both vocal and instrumental. Worked in the court of Charles II.
  • Period: to

    Alessandro Scarlatti

    Father of composer Domenico Scarlatti, as a teacher he helped his students create the new classical style.
  • Period: to

    Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre

    An French composer, who was the first French woman to compose an Opera.
  • Period: to

    François Couperin

    An French composer during the Baroque era.
  • Period: to

    Antonio Vivaldi

    A music director at an orphanage for girls. He wrote nearly 800 concertos of various types.
  • Period: to

    Georg Philip Telemann

    An German composer, composed more than 125 Orchestral suites that helped establish the French-style orchestral suite in Germany.
  • Period: to

    Jean-Joseph Mouret

    An composer on the French court, composed operas, suites, and "grand divertissements(entertainments)"
  • Period: to

    Domenico Scarlatti

    Keyboard virtuoso. Had a progressive style, which was very innovative.
  • Period: to

    Johann Sebastian Bach

    One of the most skilled musicians in the Baroque. He wrote a ton of music for all genres except for Opera.
  • Period: to

    George Frideric Handel

    An very influential composer during the late Baroque era. Wrote many genres of pieces and was praised for his seemliest transitions.
  • Salem Witch Trials in Massachusettes

    A trial where at least 19 men and woman are labelled for witchcraft and were killed because of it.
  • The Steam Engine was invented

  • The End of Middle Baroque

  • The Cello was invented

  • The Beginning of Late Baroque

  • The Tuning Fork was invented

  • The End of Late Baroque

  • Baroque Era Genres

  • Baroque Era Musical Stylistic Traits