Muzikte barok donem

The Baroque Era (1600-1730s)

  • Period: to

    Francesca Caccini

    Soprano and the daughter of Giulio Caccini
    The first woman to compose operas
  • Period: to

    Barbara Strozzi

    Born in Venice, 1619
    Died in Padua November 11, 1677
    Mother was a servant to Giulio Strozzi who adopted Barbara
    Studied under Francesco Cavalli at the Accademia degli Unisoni – founded by Giulio for Barbara
  • Teatro de San Cassiano

    Teatro de San Cassiano
    The first public opera theater opened in Venice in 1637
  • Period: to

    Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber

    Bohemian-Austrian composer and violinist
    Lived in Salzburg
    One of the most important composers for the violin, especially in the instrument’s early years
    Catholic sacred music, violin sonatas, and ensemble music
  • Period: to

    Arcangelo Corelli

    He made clear distinctions between the different types of sonatas; He was the master of the Trio Sonata