The Automobile and it's advancements

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  • First Car

    First Car
    The first Automobile is released for public use, there is not a ton of carrying room only what you can fit by your feet and on the seat if you have no passenger.(Transportation Revolution ABC Cleo)
  • Henry Ford and his first car

    Henry Ford and his first car
    Henry Ford mass produces his first gasoline powered car and releases it to the public. This car featured a roof and nearly the same carrying space as the first automobile, but it had slightly more(Transportation Revolution ABC Cleo)
  • First bus service

    The first bus scheduled bus service begins in New York. The first attempt to start transportation of goods and people.(Transportation Revolution ABC Cleo)
  • William Durant

    William Durant
    William Durant releases the Model T car featuring a top and a full on back seat. This automobile revolutionized carrying copacity in cars and started the transport revolution in vehicles The Model T's Assembly Line was cheap so the sale price was cheap which allowed the Model T to account for 40% of all cars in America(Transportation Revolution ABC Cleo)
  • First absolute bus industry

    The first bus corporation is started and is booming. People are paying drivers to put bags and boxes on the bus over the carrying limit to transport goods all over towns and occasionaly from town to town.(Transportation Revolution ABC Cleo)
  • Deisel

    Deisel engines are introduced to buses and cars creating more power. Trucks are started to be manufactured that use deisel to carry overweight packages.(Transportation Revolution ABC Cleo)
  • Airplanes

    Crude Airplane models are introduced and used to carry cargo over the the oceans and large bodies of water faster, but less efficiantly than trucks(Transportation Revolution ABC Cleo)
  • Concord

    The concord was the latest in supersonic cargo carrying and passenger transport,retired in 2003((Transportation Revolution ABC Cleo)
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