The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

  • Lincoln gives second Inaugural Address

    Lincoln gives his second Inaugural Address to a crowd of 50,000 people, including Booth. Booth later claims that he " had a great chance to kill the President where he stood."
  • Period: to

    Assassination of Lincoln

    This is the timespan of the assassination, Booth's escape route, and his death.
  • Booth's plot to kidnab the President

    Booth plots to kidnab the President and hold him for ransom for several Confederate army prisnors
  • Civil War ends.

    Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders; The Civil war ended.
  • Morning of Assassination

    When Booth hears that President Lincoln will attend a play at Fords Theatre, he plots to kill the President. At 10:13 pm, Booth shoots President Lincoln point blank in the back of the head. He then jumps from the box, breaks his leg when landing on the stage, then runs out the back door.
  • Manhunt

    Later that evening, Secretary of War Edward Stanton takes charge of the biggest manhunt in history.
  • The Day after

    At 4:00 am, Booth arrives at Dr. Samuel Mudd's house, where he stayed and treated to his leg. At 7:22 am, President Abraham Lincoln is announced dead. And later that afternoon, Booth moves on with partner David Herold.
  • Who died?

    President Lincoln is put to rest at a funeral service at the White House.
  • Reward for capture

    Authorities have still not found Booth. Edward Stanton is now offering a 100,000 dollar reward for Booth's capture.
  • Finally reach Virginia

    Booth and Herold finally reach Virginia, where they stay in a barn owned by Richard Garrett.
  • Closing in

    Acting on a tip, Authorities track Booth to Garrett's barn.
  • Dead Ahead

    Soldiers surround the barn. Herold surrenders, but Booth refuses to come out without a fight. Soldiers light the barn on fire, and in the commotion, Booth tries to escape but is shot in the neck and died at sunrise.
  • Hanging out

    Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell, David Herold, and George Atzerodt are sentenced to be hanged until death for the assassination of President Lincoln.