the american revolution

  • king george

    george III become king of england
  • Period: to

    american revolution

  • treaty

    england and france sign treaty, ending the french and indian war
  • stamp act

    stamp act is passed
  • repeal

    stamp act repealed. declatory act put into act.
  • brits arrive

    british soldiers go to boston to enforce the laws
  • boston massacre

    the boston assacre occurs. british soldiers kill 4 workers.
  • boston tea party

    patriots dump crates of tea in the boston harbor to fight the tea act.
  • shots fired

    sots fired iin lexington and concord. british troops are forced back to boston.
  • book

    thomas payne publishes "common sense"
  • 4th of july

    thomas jefferseon's declaration of independance is ratified by congress
  • rebellion

    british forces arrive in the new york harbor to end the rebellion.
  • new york

    continental army is rooted at long island, new york.
  • low money

    benjamin franklin is sent to france to urge the french to ally with america.

    Washington crosses the delaware river and captures forces in trenton, new jersey
  • the french arrive

    fort ticonderoga is taken from the americans, creating a great loss. the french arrive in america.
  • washington defeated

    ashington defeated at brandywine and germantown. philedelphia is lost to the british.
  • americans win

    americans capture burgoyne at saratoga.
  • alliance

    french sign alliace with americans. american revolution becomes a world war.
  • attack

    british attack south carolina, city falls.
  • Period: to


    americans lose multiple battles. but the british have heavy losses.
  • freedom

    african american woman suees for ehr freedom, she wins. and they prohibit slavery in that state.
  • surrender

    cornwallis surrenders his army after being trapped by the french and americans
  • peace

    peace treaty signed between great britain and the united states.
  • Period: to


    noah webster creats a book and helps standardize american english
  • washington

    ashington gives up command of the continental army
  • Period: to


    shays rebellion gets quashed by the state militia
  • ordinance

    slavery prohibited in north west states
  • article of confederation

    delegates fom 13 states arrive in philedelphia and re write the articles of the confederation
  • constitution

    a national constitutioin is written that needs approval from 75 percent of the states
  • 10 and 11

    new york and virginia become the 10th and 11th states to pass the constitution
  • bill of rights

    a new bill f rights is passed by the 1st congress of the united states