Term 3 Timetoast

  • The Journey

    The Journey
    I kind of finished this book but it got abit boring towards the end but it was still an alright book :L
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    Term 3 Timetoast

  • Mascot Madness By Andy Griffiths

    Mascot Madness By Andy Griffiths
    I choose this book because i thought it would be funny because andy griffiths writes alot of funny books :L C:
  • Mascot maddness

    Mascot maddness
    This book got kinda boring towards the end haha but it was kinda funy :L
  • Old bones

    Old bones
    I thought this book would be interesting coz i read the back of the book ahhaa and Laura told me it was a good book :L
  • Old Bones

    Old Bones
    this book is very interesting and it was suprising hehe :L