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Telescope history Timeline

  • The first ones

    The first ones
    in 1608in 1608 the first telescope were made but the creation was given to Hans Lippershey. it had a convex objective lens also it had a concave lens in the eyepiece. it is considered a dutch invention since the man who has been given the invetion was dutch.
  • The first

    The first
    GalileoGalileo was put a telescope up to the sky for the firt time in history. He looked at the roughness of the moons geography and the first glimpse of the milkyway galaxy. his forst telescope was small and the images were fuzzy. the picture is the sketch he drew of what he saw.
  • the name

    the name
    Prince Fredrick SesiPrince Fredrick Sesi names the telescope the telescope. thizs was three years after it had been invented. but this was its offical name and still is today.
  • Convex lenses

    Convex lenses
    johannes KeplerJohannes Kepler said how a telescope with convex lenses to projet images. this was done by the the light bending througt the lenses onto a material with a diffrent density. that projected the image.
  • The reflective telescope

    The reflective telescope
    [Newton](] mad the first reflecting telescope that worked. using a two-inch concave spherical mirror, a flat angled secondary mirror, and a convex eyepiece lens.This was one of the most pratical soulutions.
  • Sharper pictures

    Sharper pictures
    Johannus Hevelius Johannus Hevelius relized if you make the telescope longer more diffrent kinds of light can come trhough. this alows a sharper image. so he made a telescope that was about 140 feet long.
  • The new reflector

    The new reflector
    When the first relectorsWhen the first refelctors were made they had a spherical mirror which had a blurry picture. so they changed the mirror to a metal and made the shape to a paraboloid. giving a sharper image.
  • The Naval Observatory 26-inch Refractor

    The Naval Observatory 26-inch Refractor
    this telescopeThis telescope was in washington DC. this telescope discovered the two moons of mars. it had lenses powerful enough to see close double stars
  • The solar scope

    The solar scope
    George Ellery HaleGeorge Ellery HaleGeorge Ellery Hale wanted to be able to get a photo of the sun. so he used a solar telescope. it had a moveable mirror so it would always project teh suns image. so he saw the sunspots and the way they delt with magnetic feilds
  • The 60inch reflector

    The 60inch reflector
    RitcheyRitchey made a very large reflector telescope. This made many big discoviories about stars that we still know to today. it showed the most stars with the same color were close in temperture, brightness, and amount of matter.
  • Static in space

    Static in space
    ReberReber had his radio telescope. This telescope actually pickedup static from space. he got signals from the milkway, Cygnus and Cassiopeia.
  • Multi mirror telescope

    Multi mirror telescope
    This telescopeThis telescope was made from leftover parts after the cold war. it dicovered the radiation from super novas. its called a multi mirror becuase it has 6 alluminum covered mirrors.
  • Space scope

    Space scope
    The Cosmic Background ExplorerThe Cosmic Background Explorer was launcher or also know as C.O.B.E. it was launched to look at the rdiation in spcae which is now called cosmic background radiation. some scinetist believ that is what is left over from the "big bang".
  • The WEBB

    The WEBB
    This TelescopeThis telecope is to be launched by nasa later this decade. It is suppose to go look the the galaxy threw wavelengths that people can see. this is said to be one of NASA's greatest discovires to be.