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Ted Bundy

  • Being Born

    Being Born
    Ted Bundy was born sometime in Novemeber 1946 in a facility for young unwed mothers. He was brought up to believe his grandparents were his parents and his mother was his sister.
  • Big Breakup and Family Secret Uncovered

    Big Breakup and Family Secret Uncovered
    Sometime around this time Bundy suffered from a nasty breakup with a fellow student named Stephanie Brooks and then found out that his "parents" were actually his grandparents. He was devastated and some psychologists think that the two tramatic events led him to his killing spree.
  • First Attack

    First Attack
    On January 4, 1974 Bundy sexually assualted and beat an 18-year old college student with a metal rod from her bed frame. She survived, but had permanent brain damage. Her name was Joni Lenz.
  • Second Attack

    Second Attack
    His supposed second victim was killed and her body dumped in the same month as the previous victims.
  • The next attack

    The next attack
    Bundy's next attack was at Evergreen State College. He kidnapped and murdered a 19-year old student.
  • Kind Heart Equals Death

    Kind Heart Equals Death
    Bundy lured a female student at the Central Washington State College by wearing a cast and asking her to help him carry some books to his car. He murdered her.
  • Another Victim

    Another Victim
    His next victim was a female student at Oregon State University.
  • Two Dead Girls

    Two Dead Girls
    Two female college students were each killed by Bundy in June of 1974. The first was killed after leaving a tavern late one night and the other while walking home from her boyfriends dorm. Each of these girls were enrolled at the Univevrsity of Washington. Witnesses can recall a man with a cast on his leg asking a woman to help carry something to his car. The same car used in one of the previous attacks.
  • Two More Dead Girls...But a Change

    Two More Dead Girls...But a Change
    Bundy changed his strategy in July 1974. Instead of college campuses at night he turned to parks in the daytime. On one July day he killed two females from Lake Sammamish State Park. He yet again faked a personal injury so lure the girls in.
  • Utah Murders

    Utah Murders
    Bundy moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and continued his killing spree. In October alone he killed three women, but he yet again changed his MO. He no longer went for university students and also threw away his fake injury act. Bundy turned to a law enforcement act instead. He would lure them into his car by telling them he was conducting an investigation and it worked pretty well. A few very lucky women escaped, but some were not as lucky.
  • Period: to

    Colorado and Idaho Murders

    Ted Bundy killed 4 women in this time span. He went back to his old MO of pretending to be injured.
  • Captured

    Bundy was arrested in August of 1975 after being pulled over by a police officer for failing to stop. Detectives then linked him to some of his previous crimes and he then waited to be convicted
  • KIdnapping Conviction

    KIdnapping Conviction
    Ted Bundy was convicted of kidnapping in March of 1976 and sentanced with 15 years.
  • Breaking Out...Twice

    Breaking Out...Twice
    Bundy first escaped from a library in the court building. It took the police 6 days to capture him, but several months later he made a break for it again. He fled to Florida and began killing again.
  • Killing Spree

    Killing Spree
    In January 1978, Bundy attacked 4 women in a sorority house in a period of 30 minutes. He then went on to attack another female student as she slept.
  • Caught Again

    Caught Again
    Bundy killed a 12 year old girl in Florida in February 1978. He was caught less than a week later and admitted to killing 35 women.
  • Executed

    Bundy was convicted of multiple accounts of first degree murder and executed on January 24, 1989.