Technology Use Progression in the 2010s

  • The First iPad

    The first Apple iPad was released in 2010. The tablet is essentially a mobile computer with an on-screen keyboard. This changed the idea of mobile personal computing.
  • Raspberry Pi

    Released to the public in early 2012 by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the Raspberry Pi is a small computer board originally used to promote science education but has endless possible functions. Some people use it as a network controller, others use them to control audio interfaces and others manage smart appliances with them.
  • Microsoft Office 365

    In 2013, Microsoft introduced a subscription-based access to most of their Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. While the ability to pay for a one device single user product key, the yearly subscription includes multiple users and automatically updates itself when necessary
  • ApplePay

    Apple pay, when released in 2014, revolutionized shopping with the concept of tapping your smartphone or smart watch on an NFC reader and charging your account. Many companies have followed suit and it is now unlikely to find a major store chain that doesn't accept NFC pay of some sort.
  • Lexar's 1TB SD Card

    While the company SanDisk announced theirs first, Lexar was the first to release a commercial 1 Terrabyte SD card to the public. That feat was huge for photographers, meaning having to carry less data cards and not changing them as often due to storage being full.