Technology Use Progession

By aap0321
  • Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS
    The Nintendo DS (Developers System or Dual Screen) was released globally between 2004-2005. It was developed by Nintendo and manufactured by Foxconn. The Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming console, with the two screens being in tandem with the bottom screen being touchscreen. It also had a built-in microphone and supported wireless connectivity. This helped up with our fine motor skills by pressing the different control buttons while watching the screen.
  • Kindle Fire

    Kindle Fire
    The kindle fire was developed by Amazon inc. and manufactured by Quanta Computers. The invention was released to the public in November of 2011. With the kindle fire you can stream TV and movies and even shop on amazon and listen to e-books. You can download many apps which makes it act like a big phone but without the feature of being able to text people. Tablets help us slowly introduce technology to the younger generations without rushing it.
  • LG Stylo 3

    LG Stylo 3
    The LG stylo 3 is an android phone that was processed by Qualcomm. It was manufactured in 2017 with the newest touchscreen inventions. The phone also had a finger ID and 16g of internal data. It helps us be able to fastly communicate with others.
  • Lenovo thinkpad

    Lenovo thinkpad
    The Lenovo think pad was originally an IBM product developed at the Yamato Facility in Japan by Arimasa Naitoh; they have been developed and manufactured since early 2005. The think pad allows junior high/ high school students to participate and complete online assignments in a controlled environment.
  • Apple watch series 4

    Apple watch series 4
    The Apple Watch Series 4 was manufactured by apple in Cupertino, California. It is a redesigned version of the other apple watches to help users stay connected and be more active. It helped users better monitor their health while retaining the original apple watch design with a 30% larger while being thinner and fitting into a smaller case. This apple watch helps younger generations stay active while still being able to communicate with their loved ones.