Technology Use progession

  • Playstation

    The playstation came to America in September 1995, but was released earlier in Japan December 1994. The playstation was invented by Ken Kutaragi. The playstation was Sony's first video game console. Playstation was not the first system to used compact disc, but did move gaming industry from cartridges to compact disc.
  • DVD/DVD Players

    DVD/DVD Players
    The DVD was created by two companies Sony and Phillips. they also created the dvd player around the same time as well. It was not made available to the US until march 1997. The DVD held more recording space the the VHS. The DVD allowed for Consumers to own a high quality version of movies. Studios were also able to add special feature such as behind the scene . Personally DVD were easier to rewind.
  • Tamagotchi

    The tamagotchi was a virtual hand held pet that was released in Japan in 1996. This however, was not released to the US until 1997. The Tamagotchi become so popular in the late 90's early 2000's they had to be banned from schools.
  • MP3 Player

    MP3 Player
    The first MP3 Player was the MPMan F10 was first sold in 1998 but was launched in 1997. Allowed consumers to walk around with music in their pockets by downloading collections. The MP3 did away away with CD's and Cassettes. The MPMan F10 paved the way for iPods and streaming today.
  • Google

    Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two computer science students, invented google and it was launched in 1998. google was named BackRub before renamed to Google. Google used links to determine the importance of webpages on the internet. Google is now the biggest search engine used around the word.